Bali, Cangguthe Crate Café, Bali's best super smoothies

By Fabienne Dobbe @modelslovefood
28 August '18

Crate Café opened it’s doors four years ago and is now the unmissable plant-based destination in Canggu. Their ethos is “To Create a Community. Keep it simple and keep it consistent”.

Unlike most eateries in Bali, Crate Café opens super early at 6 am, serving great coffee to kick start the day.

Their must have dish is chia pudding with a dollop of nana cream on top. The view over the rice fields is very relaxing.

The location

Crate Café is on a side street off the main street of Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong.

The space

Crate is modern, minimal and large with open sides with a cool canteen vibe. You can either sit outside at a wooden bar with parasols or in the main seating area with large wooden tables, comfy, pink couches and smaller tables featuring pictures of visitors under a plate glass top.

To order, you stand in line, pay and receive a number, then sit down and wait to be served, all of which is very fast and efficient. You can also order a take away, from the same line.

We visited Crate Café twice and both times it was packed but we still got our food within 15 minutes.

It’s quite noisy, as there are so many seats and it gets pretty busy. Plus, we really didn’t have much of a choice of where to sit. The WiFi is very strong, but they won’t appreciate it if you settle in to work there.

The crowd

Crate is very popular with tourists and becomes crowded around 10 am. So, to make sure you get a seat, arrive early. A lot of trendy people come here, but also parents with children and buggies. Dogs are welcome.

What we ate

Crate Café has a huge menu. If you don’t like their signature smoothie bowls or chia puddings, then you can choose from wraps, toast, eggs and (vegan) sweet treats as well – like banana bread, muffins or brownies.

The chia and smoothie bowls are both dairy free. Plus there are vegan, vegetarian, fish, meat, gluten and dairy free options on the menu.

There’s a large choice on the juice and smoothie menu. We ordered a watermelon juice and a Two Timer smoothie which were freshly made in the kitchen. The smoothie was super special with vivid pink and green layers. The pink layers were dragon fruit and banana, and the green layers kiwi and banana. It was both sweet and filling because of the banana.

We ordered the Bluebs chia pudding, the Mangoliciouse smoothie bowl and a slice of vegan banana bread.

The Bluebs was served in a big glass mug. It was a layer of chia pudding soaked in coconut milk, then a layer of nana cream made with blue spirulina, papaya and banana – all topped off with mango and kiwi balls. Often, when you have a banana based smoothie or ice cream, the banana flavour really takes over, but it didn’t here.

The mix between the jelly chia pudding and the ice cream on top was an interesting texture combination, but very delicious!

The Mangoliciouse smoothie bowl was a bit more traditional. The base was a mix of frozen banana, mango and lime topped with roasted cashews, pumpkin seeds, papaya balls and fresh, shredded coconut. The base was delicious, but the toppings were the best part, because of the large helping of fresh coconut.

For something more solid, we ordered the banana bread which was vegan -and a winner!.

The structure was really light, so if you didn’t know it was vegan, it would be tricky to guess. However, it did need a topping or just a little something extra to make it glow.

The little things that make the difference

Underneath the roofed section, there’s a small art exhibition where you can also buy the artist’s work.

The bill

Waterboy watermelon juice  40.000IDR
Two Timer 40.000IDR
Bluebs  60.000IDR
Mangoliciouse  55.000IDR
Vegan banana bread  35.000IDR



Crate Café

Jalan Canggu Padang Linjong
Canggu, Bali

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