KYND Community is a plant-based café in stylish Seminyak, Bali. With its signature baby pink stools and feature wall, it’s the cool kid on the block. Not surprisingly, it’s has queues out the door most days. If you are travelling in Bali do make sure you check it out and don’t miss the smoothie bowls and the Instagram favourite  letter shaped fruits.

KYND community is a 100% vegan plant based cuisine. They also have gluten and peanut free options. I’ve never seen such a beautiful plant based menu. The portions were massive and and filled us up.

The location

Kynd Community is in the upscale beach resort of Seminyak. It’s about a 10 minutes walk from the beach and close to the famous Potato Head Beach Club. It is a little bit out of the centre of town and on a busy road.

The space

KYND has an outdoor terrace where you can relax, eat and watch the passers by on the bustling street. The inside is small. There are a few tables and two couches against the window.

On one side is their iconic painted pink wall with “Another day in paradise” written on it.

The chairs are dark wood and the tables are white marble. Each table is home to a vase filled with cute pink daisies. Finally, there’s a big window full with prepared salads, cakes and desserts.

We had a table outside in front of the pink wall, there’s good WiFi and laptops are welcome, but when we visited at around 3 to 4pm it was very busy.

The crowd

It’s very popular with bloggers, tourists and millennials. When we were there at least three people walked in to take professional pictures.

The fresh juice test

We had two juices: The Greener Grass and The Tropical Feels. The Green Grass was an alkalising juice and full of anti-oxidants. It was a mix of spinach, apple, parsley, lemon, ginger and cucumber. It was a light juice, because of all the soft vegetables and fruits.

The Tropical Feels was a winner! It was a blend of strawberries, watermelon, apple, pineapple and orange.

It was sweet, but it delivered all the tropical vibes you want to have on an island like Bali!

What we ate

We had the Paradise Pancakes, Green and Grind smoothie bowl, the Island Roasted salad bowl, a Vegan donut with a Greener Grass and a Tropical Feels juice.

The Paradise Pancakes were vanilla infused and topped off with coconut ice-cream, maple syrup, berry compote, candied hazelnuts, strawberry cream and banana and strawberry slices. The pancakes were very white. They looked like little steamed buns and had a different structure to normal pancakes, but they tasted so good!

The smoothie bowls at KYND are the real show stoppers.

We couldn’t miss out on getting the Green and Grind version. The base was banana, mango, spinach, flax, maca, spirulina and coconut water topped with home made granola and tropical fruits. The granola portion was generous with a really nice crunch. It was decorated pretty letters carved from banana, strawberry, pitaya, blueberries and mangoes forming the letters “love”.

When I was ordering,  I couldn’t take my eyes of the counter with all the desserts and cakes. As a young kid, I loved doughnuts and, yes, they had a vegan doughnut… topped with chocolate and coconut chips.

We were really surprised that, with a vegan base, could have such an airy texture.

We also ordered the Island Roasted salad bowl with roasted cauliflower, pumpkin,  mixed greens, lentils, tomatoes, red onions, roasted almonds, raisins, parsley, a slice of garlic rye bread, olive oil and a house dressing. It was supposed to come with beet hummus, but they had run out. They asked if we wanted to have guacamole instead. The veggies were perfectly roasted, they were tender and had a soft crisp.

The little things that make the difference

We loved all the T shirts the staff were wearing. They all had their own quotes like: “be Kynd” and “Kynd Human”. You can also buy the T shirts and caps in the restaurant.

What we’d come back for…

The food and the fruit letters!

The bill

Greener Grass  52k
Tropical Feels  50k
Paradise pancakes  74k
Green and Grind  bowl  73k
Island Roasted  Bowl  69k
Vegan donut  25k

Kynd Community



+62 859 3112 0209
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