• Bali
    Peloton Supershop, Bali

    Bali, Canggu
    Peloton Supershop, where cycling goes plant-based
    Know what a Peloton is? It’s a group of cyclists who bike together to build speed and conserve energy. They
    Cafe Organic, Bali

    Bali, Seminyak
    Café Organic, a plant-based menu based around sustainability
    Café Organic base their menu and environment around wellbeing and sustainability. They support local farmers and they have also become
    Zest, Ubud

    Bali, Ubud
    Zest, local superfoods and an unmissable view
    Zest has amazing views, an uber cool space and they are 100% plant-based. They use “locally grown tasty fruits, shoots
    Alchemy, Bali

    Bali, Ubud
    Alchemy, raw vegan cooking classes and make your own smoothie bowls
    Alchemy was the original raw vegan restaurant in Bali. Based in serene Ubud, it is still going strong serving salad,
    KYND Bali

    Bali, Seminyak
    KYND Community, “I’ve never seen such a beautiful plant-based menu”
    KYND Community is a plant-based café in stylish Seminyak, Bali. With its signature baby pink stools and feature wall, it’s
    Moksa, Bali

    Bali, Ubud
    Moksa – purple fries and permaculture
    Moksa’s mission is to create, and serve, healthy food in the most extraordinary and inspiring way. Their ingredients are sourced
    Motion Café, Bali

    Bali, Canggu
    Motion Café, Bali’s nutrition and fitness hotspot
    Canggu’s Motion Café is the must visit destination to eat in south Bali. They have a wide range of delicious
    Crate Café, Bali

    Bali, Canggu
    the Crate Café, community vibes and super smoothies
    Crate Café opened it’s doors four years ago and is now the unmissable plant-based destination in Canggu. Their ethos is “To