• Lisbon
    My Mother's Daughters, Lisbon review

    Lisbon, São Sebastião
    My Mother’s Daughters, a family united by plant-based food
    Created by three daughters and their mother, My Mother’s Daughters is a gem of a Glowcation. You can find it
    Naked, Lisbon

    Lisbon, Principe Real
    Naked, lattes and lollies in Lisbon
    Lisbon is showing a lot of plant-based love these days. Naked is one of the city’s hotspots -It’s natural and
    O Antigo Talho, Lisbon

    Lisbon, Marquês de Pombal
    O Antigo Talho, the former butchers turned vegan emporium
    Ignore the sign of a pig over the door, because O Antigo Talho couldn’t be more vegan. The name translates
    Lisbon, Fauna and Flora

    Lisbon, Madragoa
    Fauna and Flora, a Portuguese plant based-brunch sensation
    Lisbon loves brunching and they even have a name for it-  “brinner”as it’s served all day.  Fauna and Flora is