London, MaryleboneMeditation pods at Yeotown Kitchen

By Megan Hallett @meganhallett
15 February '18

From the second I entered Yeotown Kitchen, I was in love.

The peaceful atmosphere, the welcoming faces, the inspirational quotes on the walls and tables…

Yeotown Kitchen is happy. It’s bright. It’s colourful and it’s oh so feel good!

Yeotown Kitchen’s mission statement is“Strong in body, clear in mind”. The cafe is the latest move from Mercedes and Simon Sieff, the couple behind Devon’s award winning Yeotown health retreat.

It provides an oasis in the city to replenish and rejuvenate with their trend setting kitchen, juice bar and meditation pods.

 The setting

Yeotown Kitchen’s double fronted space fits in neatly with its neighbours on upmarket Chiltern Street. Chiltern Firehouse is opposite, and Daylesford and Sweaty Betty round the corner. The vibe is inclusive and relaxing.

It’s spread over two floors and you can grab ‘n’ go or eat in.

Warm wood and yellow hues dominate creating a calm and cheerful atmosphere.

What else?

Quite a lot! There are five mind boosting meditation pods on hand:  The Basic Break (for a quick rejuvenation of mind and body); The Bravery Break (for a boost of courage and confidence).

The cutting edge pods give you a mental boost in just five minutes.

The Beauty Break (to encourage self-love and finding beauty within); The Brain Break (to soothe anxiety, gain better clarity and perspective); and The Balance Break (to restore focus, direction and equilibrium).

The fresh juice test

Yeotown Kitchen specialises in organic dairy free smoothies (with an impressive ten on offer), plus six juices pressed on site. The signature green is called Love – a combo of cucumber, kale, celery, lemon, romaine, pear, lime, green apple and parsley.

My lunch date had the Wisdom juice – a mix of beets, apples, lemon, spinach, ginger and baobab.

And I can confirm, it was pretty damn delicious!

I also had the Adaptogenic Latte, which uses medicinal mushrooms for their amazing de-stressing properties, with added cinnamon.

What we ate

Anything seasonal, plant-based, gut friendly and full of healthy fats will always be a winner for me – so Yeotown was a winner! Plus, as they don’t use refined sugar or gluten, you know you’re in safe hands.

For the main event, it had to be the Courage Bowl – a delicious mix of quinoa, chickpeas, sprouts, avocado, perfectly seasoned sweet potatoes, sea veg, cherry tomatoes and the most amazing pink kimchi.

It came with a cute pot of tahini dressing, which made for the perfect accompaniment for the salad.

The Benevolence Bowl was a delicious all day breakfast concoction of  organic local eggs, greens, bean and grain of the day, pickles, avo, super seed crumble, sprouts and microgreens served with Zaatar tahini.

The bill

 Benevolence Bowl £11.95
Courage Bowl £11.95
Adaptogenic Latte £4.50
Juice £4.95

The little things

Many little personal touches are dotted around the café truly making the experience very special. Potted plants, hanging yellow pineapples, colourful graphics on the table surfaces and, of course, the meditation pods. There was also wifi and plenty of sockets, enabling yo to create a remote office space if you’re a laptop lover.

 What made us glow?

Just how healthy the food was! As a super health conscious eater, I like to know exactly what is in my food, and Yeotown’s menu really put me at ease. There were options to swap out, add in and to takeaway ingredients entirely if you wished, and the selection of smoothies and juices were all delicious as well as each targeting a different health concern.

Yeotown Kitchen

42 Chiltern Street,
London W1U

020 7935 4085
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