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By Glowcation
25 November '20

When Miami-born Kathryn Bricken, 52, moved to London in 2008 and was asked on repeat for her gluten-free American-style cookie recipe she decided to turn the demand into a business.

And so Doughlicious was born in 2017 – a wide range of gluten-free cookie dough balls that can be baked at home including a vegan and organic range, Lite Bites.

We did a socially distanced interview with Kathryn to find out the highs and lows of running a cookie business in a global pandemic.

When did you launch and why did you launch?

I’ve always been passionate about creating fabulous food. Before starting Doughlicious, I worked in product development in the United States and Canada. When I moved to London in 2008, I would bake chocolate chip cookies for my friends whenever they came round for a coffee and a catch up.

They loved the fact that my recipe tasted utterly delicious AND was healthier than shop-bought alternatives.

I soon received requests to make extra dough so that they could bake it at home themselves (everybody loves a warm cookie straight from the oven!).

That was the moment I realised there was a gap in the market for delicious, top quality, American-style cookie dough (added preservatives-free) which could be baked in the comfort of your own kitchen to create a gooey or crispy cookie.

What is your USP?

We make the most delicious cookie dough using the finest gluten-free ingredients. Our individually portioned, ready-to-bake dough balls help to encourage healthy portion control and minimise food waste. We truly believe that anyone should be able to bake and create memories with food – regardless of age, culinary capability or dietary requirements. Think minimum fuss, maximum flavour…for everyone!

Why gluten-free and why vegan?

I want to share Doughlicious with as many people as possible. All too often, gluten-free alternatives are dry, bland or flavourless. That shouldn’t be the case. That is why we have spent hours researching, testing (and eating!) different cookies to create something that tastes even better than your average cookie.

We continue to expand our vegan flavours to ensure we are inclusive as possible. Our most recent range – our brand new ready-to-eat Lite Bites – are 100% vegan, gluten-free and organic.

I am health conscious but not obsessed and believe that all foods fit as part of a balanced diet. I am acutely aware of the need to protect our planet for future generations. As a producer of artisan cookie dough, we constantly look into ways to minimise food waste. We encourage conscious Cookie Monsters who only need to bake what they need (thanks to our individual dough balls) and have lots of delicious recipes on our blog for using up any extras – if you have any! Plus, our Lite Bites are packaged in recyclable, resealable pouches.

How have you pivoted in the pandemic?

We have been incredibly busy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We are conscious that many people are struggling during these times and try to do our bit to help. We have donated to various NHS trusts to help boost the morale of key workers – as well as numerous food banks and community organisations to help those in need.

We also decided to increase the number of giveaways on our social media pages to maintain a positive outlook – and also ensure that our blog is continuously updated with delicious recipes with our dough.

In addition, we launched our ‘Lite Bites’ which was incredibly exciting. We also saw 2 new flavours enter into 500 M&S stores across the UK. The feedback was phenomenal…

it was brilliant to see Doughlicious bring moments of happiness during such a stressful and uncertain time.

What advice would you give to anyone pivoting their career now?

Go for it! It is never too late to be happy and do something that you are passionate about.

What is the best advice you were given?

Grow organically and stick to your principles. Quality is of utmost importance – if you never compromise on it, people will trust your brand and the rest will follow.

Tell us about your amazing sounding factory?

We are very proud of our factory – it is the ‘hub’ of everything we do. We have an incredible team who are all passionate about Doughlicious and LOVE cookies. We bake one cookie from every single batch (for quality control) and everything is devoured at the end of the day – there is not a crumb in sight! It says something when the team all enjoy what they have created day after day after day…

Talk us through the ingredients?

We only use the finest natural, locally sourced ingredients in all our recipes. Our secret to making delicious gluten-free cookies also lies in our unique blend of gluten-free flours (a combination of oat, tapioca and rice).

We are a 100% clean label brand and will never use an ingredient if it has any E numbers or is not naturally processed.

In the past we have halted NPD on flavours due to issues with accessing clean label ingredients – that is how seriously we take our ingredients. We also only work with suppliers who share our commitment to animal welfare and quality.

Can we get them delivered in lockdown?

Of course! Various flavours are stocked in CostCo, Planet Organic, Selfridges, Wholefoods, M&S and many local shops. Cookie Monsters can also head to our online shop to have them delivered to their door – or order a box to send to a friend for their birthday, Christmas or just to cheer them up!

To receive 20% off cookie deliveries from the Doughlicious online shop, enter the code GLOWCATION20 (minimum spend £25) at the checkout.

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