Meet the GlowgetterDreem Distillery

By Glowcation
31 October '22

Hayley Dawes is an interior designer and property developer with four young children who turned her insomnia into a wellness business.

What was your lightbulb moment for creating Dreem Distillery?

The real game changer was discovering the transformative power of broad-spectrum CBD . We initially launched with our signature Night Drops which have been hugely popular in transforming sleep for many, and we have since moved into “body care” with the most recent launch being a Travel Set, mini versions of our hero products, and our soon-to-be launching Moonlit Mask.

Why CBD?

We all have an internal endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is a network of compounds and receptors in the brain. This can influence one’s sleep – the aim of the ECS is to provide homeostasis within the body.

The majority of sleep problems relate to anxiety and stress. Our Night Drops are transformative.

When taken under the tongue, potent broad-spectrum CBD can alleviate these issues and help calm and body and mind ready for deep slumber. We have a calming neurotransmitter in our brain called GABA and taking broad-spectrum CBD with additional plant cannabinoids helps modulate our GABA, making our brain calmer and giving us more restful sleep.

Why sleep?

In the last few decades as a society, our sleep has become increasingly dysfunctional and medicinally induced to an alarming degree.

I certainly don’t take my sleep for granted and work hard to maintain a routine that enables me to have the very best, restorative sleep I possibly can. I’ve come to appreciate and value the benefits of good quality sleep and achieving this regularly is my number one priority.

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping so it is very important to make sure we are getting enough. It is vital for good health.

The biological need for sleep is essential to deliver benefits including higher energy, a reduction in stress and a boost to the immune system.

At night the brain processes include storing new information and removing toxic waste, a communication and reorganization of nerve cells, supporting healthy brain function, restoring cells and energy, and releasing molecules like hormones and protein. A lack of sleep can consequently lead to problems such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and a weak immune system.

There are plenty of myths around CBD and UK legislation has recently been tightened. Can you talk us through CBD and explain how it works and how yours is different?

Dreem Distillery specifically uses organically grown broad-spectrum CBD designed to enable sleep – the vision for the brand goes one step further in that despite there being plenty of CBD products on the market, most come in the form of CBD isolate. The significant difference with isolates is that they don’t contain some of the key relaxing terpenes which make high quality CBD more powerful – that’s the key to unlocking the power of the hemp plant as an aid to a restful and restorative night’s sleep.

The good news is that UK legislation has been tightened. We are delighted that we are on the Government report as a brand that can be sold in the UK. The Novel Food Act paperwork submission is vast and expensive but well worth it.

Talk us through your blend?

Our Night Drops contain our ‘Super Terpene Blend’ which is our broad-spectrum CBD and an array of calming and stress relieving plant terpenes to calm the body and mind. Our bath and body products are infused with our ‘Dreem Complex’ for elevated evening relaxation. This is made up of broad-spectrum CBD, arnica, juniper, and lavender.

And your packaging?

Our philosophy on packaging is simple. Every step of the way we use recyclable materials to have minimal environmental impact.

In some cases, the most sustainable solution is not always the fastest, or the cheapest, but we stand firm on our principles and will not compromise.

Our Night Drops are manufactured in recyclable glass bottles and our tubes are aluminium. We acknowledge there is always more than can be done to improve recyclability and our team is committed to working harder to find the best solutions to protect our planet.

The world has changed in a few short years. How has the pandemic been for your business?

With the world changing post pandemic and becoming more disjointed, people have turned to emotional beauty where they seek calm and self-care.  This has made people want to embrace small rituals to make themselves feel better and connect more to their wellbeing and emotions.

With this, we have extended our range into “body care” to enable people to embrace small rituals before sleep to help them really wind down for the evening, ahead of taking their CBD Night Drops just before bed. Customers have also understood how gaining quality sleep is a great investment in themselves.

What advice would you give to someone setting up a wellness business today?

Take time creating and ensuring the formulation of the product is perfect as customers want real results, which is essential in this market. Connecting with like-minded individuals within the industry and getting their feedback on your products is invaluable. It is also really important to keep thinking one step ahead and adapting to how the market and customers change.

What are your favourite 3 wellness books to read?

Manifest by Roxie Nafousi – Written by self-development coach, this is a must-have self-practice book that will enable you to reach your goals and cultivate self-love.

Thrive by Arianna Huffington – One of the most influential women in the world looks to redefine what it means to be successful in today’s world.

Breathe by James Nestor – There is nothing more essential to our health and wellbeing than breathing, explore the hidden science behind ancient breathing practices.

And your top 3 wellness products?

MPowder – Peri-Boost Daily – I blend this powdered supplement with coconut milk. I really love it as it addresses one’s body’s nutritional needs as one changes during peri-menopause.

Vida Glow – I pour these collagen sachets into plenty of drinks!

Young LDN – The Gua Sha Stones help to firm my skin and are great to use in the morning and evening with a face mask.

And finally your daily wellness life hack?

As soon as I wake up, I go outside for 20 minutes. Exposure to natural light helps our bodies produce Vitamin D which improves our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. It is also key to my physical and psychological wellbeing. In my case, this helps me to focus better and gives me more energy to achieve my tasks.

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