Samantha Wasser is the Founder and Creative Director of By CHLOE.

The trail-blazing, award winning, plant-based, fast-casual brand has rapidly grown to 9 locations across the US since opening in 2015.

And lucky London now has three branches, the brand’s first international location in Covent Garden‘s theatre land and a second in Tower Bridge and the latest in Oxford Circus.

Brand genius Samantha has been recognized as one of Zagat’s “30 Under 30” and one of INC Magazine’s “30 Under 30” for her work in restaurant development.

Why did you bring By Chloe to London?

We wanted to expand internationally. So we looked at where the requests were coming from on our Instagram and there were so many from London. Our followers were in NYC, LA and London.

The reception has been incredible. Veganism is such a big trend here.

Customers care about what are we putting in our bodies and where food is sourced from. People are interested in the ingredients. In years to come eating red meat will be what smoking is now. All the stars were aligned and it felt right.

How would you describe your brand?

By Chloe. is about making vegan and plant-based food accessible for the masses. We wanted to take away the intimidation of vegan food. I was always thinking “how can we get my friends through the door of a vegan restaurant?’. So we took comfy classics like burgers and fries and made it all vegan from scratch using fresh ingredients.

Burger patties are made in house, our mac and cheese has a sauce made from cashew. Our body already knows and recognises these ingredients. They are the same things that go into a salad but we’ve done it in a creative new way which is why the majority of our customers are not vegan.

What is your best selling item?

The Guac burger and the quinoa taco salad. On the weekends sometimes the burger and during the week sometimes the salad. We have a corporate team of chefs who come up with the recipes.

We’ve had to work harder on finessing to get the ketchup right with different sourcing but you won’t taste any difference now.

The food in London tastes exactly the same as in NYC and Boston.

What should you try first for a signature meal?

The Guac burger and the quinoa taco. I’m also a big fan of the mac and cheese. I’ve overheard people eating it saying how much they love the ‘bacon’ we added on top.

And we also have a few different cupcakes, three different cookies and a banana bread made with vegan sugar and with gluten-free options.

How healthy is your food?

Our food is healthy because we are not adding anything your body doesn’t recognise. We strive to create products you can’t get anywhere else. Our french fries are air-baked so they are healthier too.

How important is social media to the brand?

I started the Instagram in 2015 a few months before we opened to build a following but because we hadn’t opened yet there was no content so I kept sourcing food photography.

Colour was going to be huge for the brand so I colour blocked the feed.

When I opened I thought “shall we post some food shots now?” but everyone loved it so we kept it as it was. We collaborate with photographers and work through colour stories. You don’t realise it’s a restaurant behind it.

Our Instagram Stories are less put together and fans can see what is going on behind the scenes. We do live interviews, link to our blog, swipe up to our blog, have the top twenty posts of the week.

What 5 things make you glow?

-My three dogs, a Morkie (maltese yorkie) called Zeppelin, our Golden retriever, Bowie and we just adopted a rescue called Jett. A year ago we moved to Brooklyn and we live a 15 minute walk to Brooklyn pier where I love to walk them. We also love to visit Vermont and Connecticut with them.

-The CAP Natural beauty store in NYC. They have amazing products many of which are organic including Tata Harper and Mun. It is a very well curated store and I always new things when I’m in there. -Yoga and pilates and try and do them as often as possible. I go to Henry Street pilates or my friend Beth Hooke comes and teaches me yoga.

I’m a bit fan of micro current facials at SB Skin. It’s like a natural botox stimulating the muscles.

-My kindle. I carry it everywhere. I like thrillers. Karen Slaughter is my current favourite author. Her books are very gory but really good. -The spa in the city at the Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca.

They have a beautiful indoor pool but you can only go if you book a spa appointment so I go and have a massage.

What top 3 things do you need in your kitchen to make you glow?

-Matcha in the morning. Once I discovered oat milk I got a frother and I have it every morning mixed with matcha.

-I have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in hot water with lemon every morning and evening and sometimes I’ll add collagen protein.

-Essentia is a bottled water that has a PH of 9.5 that is supposed to hydrate you more than others. I love carrying the litre bottles with me throughout the day.

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