Meet the GlowstarAlice Dub @aliceinfoodwonderland

By Glowcation
11 November '17

Meet blogger @aliceinfoodwonderland aka mathematician and businesswoman Alice Dub.

Raised in Germany and now working for a technology startup in London, Alice totally gets the challenges of finding healthy, nourishing food on the go. Her hectic career is packed with international travel.

As soon as she lands in a city, Alice wants to find healthy recommended hotspots as quickly as possible.

In her spare time Alice is a passionate chef who believes that eating real food without compromising on taste and nutrients makes all the difference in keeping up with a fast-paced lifestyle. She hopes to inspire others with her @aliceinfoodwonderland feed journaling the story of her love of healthy, sustainable and wholesome eating.

When did you launch @aliceinfoodwonderland and why?

I launched it as a blog in 2013 to share recipes with my friends as they were encouraging me. I love cooking. I don’t have a ‘restrictive’ way of thinking about healthy food. Healthy and nourishing food is simply anything that is made from proper ingredients, so not processed and full of preservatives.

I am not ‘scared’ of fats or carbs.

Everything has a place and sometimes just a slice of organic rye bread with market fresh butter is all your body needs.

How would you describe your feed?

It basically showcases all what I eat day in, day out. Most of the time I cook it myself. I take lunches and snacks to the office and have a nicer dinner at home. Sometimes I eat out and sometimes I travel. I just want to showcase the variety of healthy, tasty and beautiful food there is.

What are you learning as your journal your healthy eating on Instagram?

There are a lot of people that think that the only way of being healthy is to restrict yourself and go carb free, fat free or vegan. Although I respect everyone’s choices, I think that as long and the food comes from real ingredients, is sustainable and animals are reared in a good way so free range and grass fed everything can be considered healthy.

In my opinion variety is key. However I have learned that not everyone agrees with me on this point.


Describe your upbringing and how important was healthy eating?

My parents were both quite busy, so only my grandma cooked. She passed away when I was a young teenager and I had to learn early to stand on my own two feet.

We always had a very varied diet based around fish, vegetables, milk, kefir,  meat, and potatoes or buckwheat.

We usually had a lot of different dishes and shared, instead of having just one meal. I still think that variety is key to a healthy diet.

What is the mission of @aliceinfoodwonderland?

I love cooking and eating a varied and healthy diet and I want to show to others how simple this can be and how easy it is to integrate healthy food habits into a super busy life.

Why did you decided to collaborate with Glowcation?

I came along Glowcation on insta and loved the concept. It is great to be able to just check out the website when you look for a nice healthy cafe in your area or get an honest review of a place you have never been to from like minded people.

What are you excited about?

I think the number and variety of places where you can get a tasty and healthy meal has definitely increased which is great. I hope that more places start popping out over Europe as at the moment some countries like Germany, Italy and France are still behind London on this development.

But I’m always excited to go back to a European city like Munich to find some new plant based cafes and restaurants.

What are the top three things in life that make you glow?

Everything around food- eating, cooking or just looking at it. And my family and my husband.

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