Eli Brecher is a freelance recipe developer and the food blogger behind www.elibrecher.co.uk and the Instagram account @brechernutrition

Eli has lived with Crohn’s Disease from the age of 8 which sparked her passion for healthy eating at a young age.

She is studying Nutrition at the University of Westminster and hopes to eventually specialise in nutrition for digestive disorders. She has also lived in Paris and Madrid while doing her first degree in French and Spanish.

When did you launch your website and blog and why?

I launched my Instagram account @brechernutrition during my first year at University in 2015. Back then my diet consisted mainly of sugary cereal and peanut butter straight from the jar – hence the name!

I was leading a hectic student life and I was reluctant not to miss out on Fresher’s events and booze-fuelled nights out followed by 4am pizzas!

After a very severe flare-up of my Crohn’s Disease, I realised I needed to revaluate my diet and lifestyle. I set up my Instagram to find inspiration for healthy meal ideas and ‘free-from’ baking recipes followed by my website where I share my own delicious and nourishing recipes.

How would you describe your blog and feed?

The main focus is on mouth-watering desserts and beautiful breakfasts. Think gorgeous pink smoothie bowls, caramelised banana porridge and chocolate pancake stacks!

Presentation is hugely important to me so I like to keep my feed looking bright and colourful with high quality photos. All my recipes are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar so will leave you satisfied and energised as opposed to having a sugar slump!

What are you learning from your Instagram journey?

My cooking and baking skills have dramatically improved since I started my blog. I’ve also learnt so much about photography, food styling and presentation since I began working with a range of brands in the food and wellness world.

Describe your upbringing, how important was healthy eating?

I come from a family where an abundance of food is the core of any event or gathering, particularly our weekly tradition of Jewish Friday night dinners!

I’ve been intolerant to gluten and dairy since I was 8, so I’ve grown up learning how to carefully read ingredient labels and how to cook and bake with suitable alternatives.

My mum always highlighted the importance of getting my 5-a- day and being aware of the nutritional value of food, not in terms of weight but rather from a health-centred point of view.

What is the mission of @brechernutrition?

My goal is to encourage people that healthy eating can be tasty, fun and straightforward.

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune, especially for students like myself!

In addition, I hope to inspire anyone living with a chronic illness that diet and lifestyle factors are so important and always worth considering.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Glowcation?

My favourite hobby (apart from cooking) is café-hopping, especially in a new city, so Glowcation’s concept of a healthy eatery guide is right up my street.

While I was living in Paris and Madrid for a year, every weekend I’d check out a new brunch spot.

Growing up in London meant I was spoilt for choice, but even in Nottingham where I’m at university, there are new restaurants and juice bars popping up all the time! I love sharing my finds with friends, family and followers alike, so Glowcation is the perfect opportunity for this.

What are you excited about?

Nothing excites me more than travelling. Having lived in three countries, I love exploring different cultures and tasting local food of course. My favourite countries include Australia for the beaches, Costa Rica for the jungle and Israel for the thriving food scene!

I am also excited by the prospect of helping others through nutrition. Although I’m not qualified (yet), I have personally witnessed how what I eat directly affects how I feel.

What are the top 5 things in life that make you glow?

1. The look on people’s faces when they taste my food and love it!

2. Being sent photos of other people making my recipes

3. The beach – sunshine makes me so happy

4. Yoga – attending a class or just rolling out my mat at home and
going with the flow

5. Playing with my 7-year- old brother – he is hilarious and wise beyond his years

Organic Market, Marbella
Spain, Marbella
Organic Market, plant-powered brunching in the heart of Marbs
Organic Market is Marbella’s top destination for a plant-powered brunch. They promote plant-based, organic eating and a chemical free approach
Les Filles, Bayswater
London, Bayswater
Les Filles, rose lattes and buckwheat pancakes in Bayswater
Les Filles is the third restaurant in the LLS chain created by the inspirational plant-based restauranteurs, sisters Sonia and Hayet
Kalifornia Kitchen, London
London, Fitzrovia
Kalifornia Kitchen, plant-food and plastic free in W1
'Healthy is Sexy' according to Kalifornia Kitchen. It's the latest addition to London’s thriving plant-based café scene and one I
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