Model Fabienne Dobbe, was born and raised in the Netherlands.

She began travelling the world as a full time model as soon as she left school and she has lived in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, NYC and London. Fabienne loves travel and food and created Modelslovefood to promote healthy eating – especially for new models.

Whenever she is  back home in the Netherlands, she cooks, bakes and walks her dog Joep.

Why did you launch Models Love Food?

I decided to start Modelslovefood because I wanted to help other girls in the industry who wanted to eat healthy food and didn’t know how to do it. When I 15 years old, I was already signed up to my agency and I started to get a body more like a woman so I began to eat more healthily to stay in shape.

That was 4 years ago and  “healthy” eating wasn’t a really the big thing it is right now.

Starting off was really hard for me as I did not really know what to do.

As I got more experienced with healthy food, I got better at cooking and always posted pictures of my food.

How would you describe your blog and feed?

My feed is very colourful. I ask my followers questions try to create some connection. I use quotes to mix it up too. I’m always travelling for work so I get to post from around the world.

What are you learning from your journey?

Sometimes I’m on a casting or a fitting and other models come up to me and say “You have a food blog right? It’s so helpful!” It makes me so happy to hear that my goal of helping people discover healthy eating actually really works and can play a part in influencing the food choices they make.

Describe your upbringing, how important was healthy eating?

Growing up healthy eating was at first kind of forced. I didn’t really like vegetables but I knew that eating well and healthy was the only way for me to stay in shape for my job. Discovering healthy eating was a very important step in my life and it brought me where I am right now!

What is the mission of Models Love Food?

I want to inspire and help girls new to the fashion industry. In the modelling world it’s so easy to get hurt by people saying you’re too big or you need to work out more. Lots of girls don’t know how to handle that.

They just get dropped in the deep end and they need to learn how to swim really quickly. And that’s where I try to jump in with modelslovefood. I want to help those girls and show that healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard at all. But you have to be a bit creative in the beginning and you just need to get inspiration.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Glowcation?

Glowcation is a platform for healthy hotspots which is 100% my thing. When I’m in a new city like Milan, Paris, Tokyo, or New York I research healthy hotspots and hidden gems on the internet, Instagram and just by walking around.

Glowcation is the perfect opportunity for me to share my discoveries with more people.

What are you excited about?

Writing my reviews for you guys! I love to try out new places where I’ve never been. Plus, the green juice challenge sounds very very interesting, since I love green juices, so this might be a great challenge for me!

What are the top 5 things in life that make you glow?

1. The moment I come home from a trip in another country and my dog Joep is waiting for me.
2. Ginger, lemon and turmeric shots.
3. Discovering countries and cities I’ve never been to.
4. Baking healthy cakes and treats plus my family and agency love them.
5. When the sun shines through on a cold day.

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