Meet the GlowstarLine Evelin, @my_vegan_lyfe

By Glowcation
13 June '18

Line Evelin is a freelance copywriter and runs an antique jewellery shop. She lives in an apartment in Copenhagen with a big balcony where she grows edible flowers and plants.

My two great loves are my animals and food. Every day I snuggle with my dog “Mini” and ride my dressage horse “Rumba” who lives on a farm near Copenhagen. And then, I  cook a lot!

Line spends many hours in the kitchen cooking only vegan meals and never compromising on the quality.

I cook with fresh, organic ingredients and I make everything from scratch keeping the food as healthy as possible.

Health is a very big driver for Line.  “When it comes to choosing what to eat. I try to eat as many superfoods as I can- things  like turmeric, garlic, berries, matcha, açaí and broccoli. And I don’t like meat substitutes like “chicken” nuggets, minced “meat” and other highly processed products”.

Line Evelin

Why did you launch @my_vegan_lyfe?

It actually started as my private profile with pictures of my animals, events, food, and jewelry. Two years ago I combined the animal and food part posting pictures of my dog, horse and daily vegan meals.

I really love the creative part of cooking and plating it all up as pretty as possible. That’s why I grow my own edible flowers on the balcony.

How would you describe your feed?

It’s colourful and lively. I post a lot of green stuff, pretty smoothie bowls, flowers and animal pictures.

I’m an animal lover, you know! Go vegan.

What are you learning from your journey?

Not to try and convince people to give up their traditional way of eating. If people show an interest in my vegan life I will talk and write about it for hours, but it’s really impossible to turn over somebody who doesn’t care.

Describe your upbringing? How important was healthy eating?

My mother was a stay-at-home mum and she made me the most wonderful meals with fresh ingredients.

Several times a day she would bring me little plates of finger fruit- grapes, red pepper, oranges, and cucumber.

We also grew berries, apples, pears, and herbs in our garden.

“You are what you eat!” is what my mother always told me.  Nowadays I tell my mum what to eat and how to stay healthy.

Line Evelin
Line Evelin

What is the mission of @my_vegan_lyfe?

I hope to inspire others to choose more vegetables and to eat less dairy, meat, and fish. I want to let them know that you can be vegan and still eat interesting, tasty food.

I sometimes post facts about how unhealthy it is to eat dairy and meat and how bad for the planet it is, but I’m always careful to keep it light. People are allowed to believe and eat what they want. I can only hope that a few of my followers will take the leap and become vegan – or at least eat more greens.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Glowcation?

It was a no-brainer for me!

Obviously, the site is beautiful and inspirational to look at and read. But it’s also useful for plant-based eaters who want to find great places in foreign cities without having to go through the bad ones first. I want to help do that.

What are you excited about?

It’s getting more interesting, convenient and normal to be vegan in Copenhagen. Most shops have many vegan options, you can order ready made wholesome vegan meals online and new vegan restaurants are popping up all over.

Copenhagen is a really good destination for plant-based food lovers.

What are the top 5 things in life that make you glow?

When my boyfriend is craving a smoothie bowl (he’s not vegan but he’s getting greener by the minute).

Riding my beautiful, clever horse.

Pretty edible flowers on my balcony and on top of my food.

Trying out a new vegan place.

Garlic! I eat so much that I’m sure that no vampire (or mosquito) will ever want to bite me.

To read Line’s review click here.

Line Evelin

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