Less than two years old, Soulgreen is already being described as Italy’s number one vegan hotspot.

Located near Corso Como, in the modern part of Milan, Soul Green is revolutionising traditional Italian food thinking with its innovative vegan and totally plant based cuisine. It’s a must visit!

The setting

Soulgreen is a genuinely beautiful, green focussed restaurant where you can totally escape city life. As you walk in you instantly relax.

Plants hang amongst the industrial lights and you feel like you’re in a total different world.

The high, stripped back ceiling makes the space seem airy, even when it’s really busy. The vibe is brightly painted chairs, recycled furniture and mosaic topped tables. There’s also a special room (which is filled with even more plants) which you can rent for parties and special occasions. There’s free wi-fi and kids get a welcome kit.

What else?

Not only are Soulgreen are revolutionising traditional Italian food thinking, their ordering system is also bang up to date. It’s all electronic as you order your food on iPads. You simply place your order in the basket and send it straight away to the kitchen.

The green juice test

I ordered the Lean ‘n Clean juice which included pineapple, fennel, pear and tea. At first, it tasted a bit sweet with the pineapple and pear, but after a while, you could really taste the freshness of the fennel which I really liked! The Ginger Head juice was a combo of carrots, ginger, celery, apple and pear. I like to really taste the ginger, as it makes the drink a little bit more fresh.

The little things

By eating at Soulgreen, you automatically help to provide water and food to children in need through Soulgreen’s charity programme ‘proud to give back’.

In 2018, in collaboration with Mission Bambini, Soulgreen will give three meals a day to 280 children in Markapur, India.  In 2017, Soulgreen provided a healthy and balanced daily diet to 150 children living in Cambodia.

What we ate

As we were  Italy, we ordered the Italian bowl. I couldn’t resist the caponata, which is one of my favourite Italian dishes.

It came with a base of rocket and the caponata had lots of flavour and chunks of super soft eggplant. It was accompanied by a simple paprika and  tomato salad with balsamic, vegan pesto and the best part- Cecina. I’d never had this before. It really tastes like omelette- it’s an Italian kind of flatbread made from chickpea flour, water, really good extra virgin oil, pepper and salt.

Our second  bowl was Lebanese,  a fresh mix of  hummus, falafel, greens and quinoa salad.


The bill

Lean n Clean medium  5EU
Ginger Head medium  5EU
Italian Bowl  15EU
Lebanese Bowl  15EU

What made us glow?

The plants and greenery. The waiter explained they are there to balance out the pollution of Milan. The plants filter and clean the air and this really made me glow.




Piazzale Principessa Clotilde,
20124 Milano MI,

+39 02 6269 5162
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