LA, DowntownWild Living Foods, some of the best bowls in LA

By Caly AKA @veganfeelsgood
2 July '18

Wild Living Foods has inspirational mantras on the walls and ceiling such as “Live dirty, eat clean”, “Food is Spirit”, “Rise like the Eagle”.

Located bang in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles in the Fashion District, this deli specialises in plant-based, organic fresh foods with an emphasis on South American and Native American cuisine and art. Wild Living Foods aims to bring fast and nutritious food to busy LA residents…and it certainly succeeds!

The setting :

Wild Living Foods is on the corner of 8th and Main Street. It is easily recognisable with its neon lettering and bright red arrow pointing to the entrance. The bold colours of the traditional Native American tiles on the bar and floor, plus the wall art, create a warm atmosphere. The vibrant mosaics and the thick wooden tables combine perfectly to make the light filled  space welcoming. Large windows, and its position on the corner of two busy streets, also let you enjoy the outside view while eating.

I always love an open kitchen – and this deli has two of them!

One bar is dedicated to salads and packed with fresh ingredients. The other is called the “remedy” bar where you can order juices, wellness shots and smoothies. Next to the remedy bar, is a wall entirely lined with steel fridges containing a rainbow selection of juices. The deli has plug sockets and wi-fi if you want to recharge or browse.

Downtown Los Angeles is for me one of the most under-rated areas of the city. It used to be dangerous and felt abandoned, but the neighbourhood is experiencing a new boom in investment and gentrification. It is now a busy hub of sky-scrapers (the rest of LA is completely flat!), warehouses, museums, cafés and new points of interest for foodies. My suggestion would be to also visit The Last Bookstore, an incredible bookstore and vinyl shop with cool installations. Then maybe, check out Grand Central Market, the Bradbury Building, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Broad museum.

The little things

The touches of colour and emphasis on Andean and Native American culture in the middle of Los Angeles is so refreshing.

The campaign against  single use plastic and straws is close to my heart, so I was pleased to see the staff use either sustainable or compostable utensils.

The fresh  juice test

I was a little intimidated by the massive selection of freshly pressed juices to choose from! I eventually chose the Habanero Hallelujah. As the name suggests, it is spicy ! I definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you can’t handle spice, but I personally love it. The other ingredients were green apples, kale, cucumber, lemon and ginger, but the habanero pepper dominates. If spicy is not your thing, Wild Living Food has plenty of other green or non-green juices, wellness shots and smoothies.

What I ate

Wild Living Foods’ specialty is their bowls. The menu offers raw as well as warm salad bowls with fresh ingredients and the staff make them in front of you. The base for warm bowls is “Andean gold”, as they call it, but more modestly quinoa! I chose the Machu Picchu bowl with quinoa, romaine, carrots, beets, bell pepper, brazil nut cheese and a sesame sauce. I was surprised by the large size of the portion and it was very nourishing. The creamy dressing contrasted perfectly with the crunch of the vegetables.

I couldn’t walk by the dessert station without being tempted by their raw creations, dairy-free ice-creams or chocolates!

So, I ordered a slice of raw strawberry cheesecake with a berry swirl. It was smooth and delicious as expected!

What else?

Wild Living Foods emphasises organic and locally grown produce which explains why everything tastes so fresh and hearty!

The dishes are also prepared under 118ºF to keep their enzymes intact and  preserve nutrients.

There is a little corner in the shop with more South American art and organic products for sale.

What made us glow

The fresh ingredients, large quantities, vibrant colours and proximity to my favourite spots in Downtown LA!

The bill

Machu Picchu Bowl  $12
Habanero Hallelujah juice  $9
Raw cheesecake slice  $8
+ taxes


Wild Living Foods

760 S Main Street
Los Angeles,
CA 90014

(213) 266-8254
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