Shanklin provides “modern Australian cuisine that’s simple, creative and delicious”. And they are at the top of their game with ‘Instagrammable’ food. We’re talking Oreo pancake stacks, rainbow bowls, edible flowers and latte art on a whole new level.

The space

Shanklin is set in the suburb of Hawthorn East. They’ve got a huge indoor area, plus a sheltered courtyard with outdoor seating and they’ve got outdoor heating too. Decor-wise, they have a range of photo-worthy backdrops for all your food photography.

Brick walls, grey concrete walls and distressed wooden tables, it’s a food bloggers dream.

The little things that made a difference…

The owner Francis always greets everyone with such a warm and friendly welcome. He makes you feel like he’s welcoming you into his home.

The fresh juice test

Shanklin do freshly squeezed single juice, but don’t have a green juice. So, for my review, I went for a  green smoothie which was the perfect blend of kale, banana and coconut water. Earthy and sweet all in one. Plus, we had the berry red Açai smoothie which was super refreshing.

What we ate

You have to try their Nutella stuffed pancakes. These are served with berries, grilled banana, vanilla ice cream and Oreo crumbles. They are beyond delicious, but seriously indulgent so make sure you bring a friend to share them with.

We also tried their Super Green which was my personal favourite. It’s smashed avocado on sourdough toast, with goats cheese, grilled asparagus, spinach, pea puree and dukkah.

You will find it such a simple combination, but they manage to make it look like a masterpiece.

Finally, we also got to try their portobello mushroom which is their speciality and the chef’s recommendation. This is served with roasted red pepper, halloumi, poached eggs and chilli oil. It’s a flavour sensation.

What we’d go back for…

To have all my favourite food available on one menu at one place.

The bill

Nutella Pancakes  $22
Super Green $22
Portobello Mushroom  $23
Green Smoothie $12
Açai Smoothie  $12



Shanklin Café


(03) 98827549
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