Juice Press’s vision when it launched in 2010 was to bring a healthier lifestyle option to the market. Juice Press now have multiple branches in NYC and other US cities and are the number one organic “grab and go” in the States. They are more of a take-away than most sit-down café style Glowcations we review, but we couldn’t ignore their signature juices and healthy lunches.

The setting

We went to the 22nd St branch, between 5th and 6th Avenue. The metro stop 23th Street on Madison Square Park is close by – just take the Q or R. As this is the buzzing Flatiron district where you are surrounded cool shops. ByCHLOE is based in the same street.

The space

Juice Press is designed as a grab and go so there is limited seating.

We took one of the four small wooden tables at 10 am, but our order was still shouted from the counter. As an eat in, sadly we got all the extra plastic which we thought was unnecessary.  The café has an industrial vibe and, as it’s constantly busy, I wouldn’t recommend getting your laptop out. It’s less a sit and chat than a useful pitstop.

The crowd

I spotted mums with buggies and workers grabbing a juice or smoothie. Around lunch break 12-2pm, this office based area of New York,  can get very crowded.  So we suggest avoiding that time or going to another of their locations if you want a seat.

The fresh juice test

Juice Press, not surprisingly, has a wide range of cold pressed juices split into “mostly veggie” and “mostly fruit”.  They also do a wide range of smoothies and boosters. I’d tried the ginger fireball and the rehab boosters before which are two of their most popular drinks. This time, I wanted to try the greenest juice they had, so I chose the Mother Earth juice.

It was a raw veggie blend of cucumber, celery, kale, Swiss chard, dandelion, parsley, lemon and ginger.

And, I’m going to be honest, it made me feel very, very healthy, but the taste wasn’t the best. However, that’s only my taste and I did feel it was detoxing my body.

The little things that make the difference

They have added posters and postcards on the wall to make the café more welcoming  and you can take the postcards away for free!

What we ate

Juice Press is a 100% plant based and organic. Food wise, they focus on açai bowls, snacks, soups and salads. The smoothies and bowls are freshly made, but the salads, snacks and juices are pre-made off-site.

We ordered two signature smoothie bowls.

The green smoothie bowl, was packed with veggies and we chose home made granola, goji berries and a chia and flax seed mix for toppings.

The granola added a nice crunchy texture and sweetness to the veggie bowl.

Our other bowl was an açaï bowl which we also loved! It wasn’t too sweet, and was made with water instead of a nut mylk, so it lacked a little creaminess. We topped it off with cacao nibs, maple toasted coconut chips and almond butter. The topping portions are very generous.

For dessert, we had the Sin-o-buns which were gluten free and made out of buckwheat, flax, gluten free oats, coconut, cinnamon and coconut nectar. The frosting was a little splash of coconut, Irish moss, vanilla, coconut nectar, cinnamon with a raisin on top. The frosting complemented the buns perfectly and they had a delicious cinnamon-y flavour.

What we’d go back for…

We’d grab the juices, boosters and smoothie bowls and go picnic nearby.

The bill

Mother Earth   10.99$
Sin O Bun  5.00$
Açai blueberry bowl   10.85$
Green bowl   10.85$


Juice Press

1 W 22nd St.
New York
NY 10010

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