Glowcation exists to make plant-based eating quick and easy – wherever you are in the world. We bring you up to date and trusted reviews from plant-powered eateries across the planet – from London to LA to Lisbon, via our community of wellness bloggers. They find and test healthy eateries in their neighbourhood and on their travels and always have their eye out for the best new openings.

Through them, we bring you authentic recommendations of where to eat a rainbow-coloured meal – whether it’s a sit-down meal or food to grab on the go – if you’re new to a particular location. They give their honest feedback on the menu, the ambience, the location and the all-important bill, to help you make your choice. How plant-based is the menu? Can you work there with good wifi? How comfy is the seating? How friendly are the staff? Is there a dreamy view?

All our reviews are independent –  we never accept a free meal.

While we seek out the best places to find a plant-based menu, many of our Glowcations do also cater for a wider audience and serve meat, fish and dairy. Many also offer vegan options. We look for places where the food is unprocessed, free of refined sugars and where possible organic, seasonal and local.
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If you’ve always dreamed of running your own wellness business and want to know what goes into setting up and running one then check out our interviews with plant-food pioneers such as Deliciously Ella, who tell Glowcation how they did it.

To help you create your own Glowcation at home, we have a carefully curated marketplace with our favourite store cupboard staples, vegan beauty products and household items, delivered to your door.

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