Every morning at 7.30am a queue forms outside a bakery in the small town of Wellington, Prince Edward County. The reason for the daily ritual? The range of fresh baked breads and goodies prepared by local woman, Enid Grace.

The hotspot in question is the Enid Grace Café, whose founder began selling from a food truck and then progressed to this pretty café and bakery. Her baked goods are famous across the county and a sell out sensation…  and she also makes the best French toast we’ve ever tasted.

The setting

The Enid Grace Café is on the quiet Main St in Wellington, a short walk from Lake Ontario with its clear water and rocky beaches.

The area is surrounded by wineries, farm shops and lavender fields.

The space

There’s a small eating area inside – think pale woods, grey walls and vintage lamps. Outside, is a seasonal terrace set back from the quiet road with umbrellas and pot plants. You order at the bar and there’s free WiFi. Plus, there’s a small shop at the back of the café selling cookery items, local honey, coffee and Enid Grace aprons and tote bags.

What else?

Everything is based on the Italian café model of first come first served.

The food is intended to sell out daily eliminating food waste and ensuring freshness.

The impressive range of continental breads includes GF options. The café caters for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters and sells out most days.

The fresh juice test

The Enid Grace Café is best known for coffees, however they also offer a creamy turmeric latte and local bottled juices. We tried the apple cider (non-alcoholic) which was sweet with a hint of tartness.

What we ate

Given the iconic status of the bread, we by-passed the selection of fruit plates and granola and ordered two dishes both made with Pain De Mie. A French Toast and a Croque Madame which are both available in a GF form.

The French Toast was soaked in custard and came with a choice of lemon curd or maple syrup. It was topped off with a cascade of fresh berries with had a jug of maple syrup on the side. It was quite simply the fluffiest, tastiest French bread we’ve ever had.

The Croque Madame was equally impressive.

We ordered the vegetarian version without country ham.  It was soaked in bechamel sauce, coated in melted gruyere and then topped with two eggs. On the side came a leafy side salad with a lovely dressing. It was very filling, but not too heavy.

What we’d go back for…


The bill

Apple juice $3.50
French toast  $11
Croque Madame  $12



Enid Grace Café

303-1 Wellington Main St
ON K0K 3L0

+1 613-399-3488
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  1. Everything sold here is delicious! The orange raspberry jam (sold at the back of the cafe) is amazing. I bought 3 jars last time we passed through – it tends to disappear quickly.

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