Acacia Copenhagen

Dream of running a café with your loved ones? The Lagermann family have done just that with their vegan café, Acacia. Big sister cooks while mum and little sister serve the food.

The café opened in 2017 and has already gained many fans among local foodies, tourists, and food critics. It offers a small but perfect variety of organic, plant-based and gluten-free food and drinks including banana bread, waffles, smoothie bowls, salad and vegan lattes. All served with lashings of love.


The setting

The decor is cool Copenhagen meets Parisian chic.

There are beautiful white marble tables, perfect for those Insta photos! And everything is set in a black and white colour scheme. The family’s two dogs sleep the day away by the door which bring a real calmness to the place.

The little things

There are little-handwritten notes attached to the menus with daily, exciting dishes served on the counter. This adds to the charm and unpretentious vibe.

This is a café run by people with an honest passion for food.

The green juice test

There was just one juice on the menu  – a green made with cucumber, spinach, apple, and lime.

It was very fresh and rather Mojito-ish, as my boyfriend pointed out. Unfortunately, it came in a very small glass and we wished it had been a bit larger.

What we ate

We had an absolute Instagram worthy “Frozen Strawberry – Cashew Creme Bowl”. It was made of banana, raspberry, cinnamon Ceylon granola, coconut flakes, fresh strawberries and beetroot powder.

This was the perfect summer bowl with a zingy, velvety smooth base, crunchy topping and gorgeous beetroot powder drizzle.

I plan to use the beetroot powder idea at home.

We also had the “Summer Salad” which is the most recent addition to the Acacia menu.

This salad just blew me away with its warm lentil and quinoa, big chunks of watermelon, heavenly marinated red cabbage in ginger lime vinaigrette, crispy salted almonds and yummy almond butter dressing.

It comes with a “buttery”, crisp pumpkin seed cracker on the side. We also had the Iced Golden Mylk Latte made with turmeric paste, almond milk and fragrant dried flowers on top. This is quite filling so you should make sure, that you have room for it if you’re also eating.

What else

The food is so well prepared and you can imagine that big sister and chef, Alice Lagermann is totally passionate about while preparing the dishes back in the kitchen.

We also got excited about the prices. They are very reasonable and the quality of the food is very high compared to other vegan places in Copenhagen.

What made us glow

I can honestly say that I have been craving that Summer Salad ever since we visited Acacia. This was to me the true superstar of the meal. It is very rare that I have unforgettable meals, but chef Alice really managed to wow me.

The bill

Summer salad  95 kr.
Frozen Strawberry -Cashew Cream Bowl  80 kr.
Green Juice  42 kr.
Iced Golden Mylk Latte  42 kr.