Milan: Açai Sisters superfood bar

Açai Sisters is Milan’s first superfood bar.

They believe that nourishing your body and mind is crucial – and they are on a mission to spread their belief. Being 100% Vegan in Italy is still a sensitive topic, but in my opinion Milan is a much richer food hotspot for plant lovers!

Açai Sisters

The setting

The setting is simple, it’s a grab and go with seating.

Think marble tables, painted metal chairs and potted cacti.

They have a little terrace with a cute pink awning over it. There’s free wifi.

The little things

There are  two large fridges stacked with takeaway juices and their amazing deserts – strawberry cheesefake, avocado chocolate mousse or a 100% vegan matcha tiramisu (we’re still in Italy, right!).

The green juice test

We wanted to try a green cold pressed juice, but all the juices were sold out sadly at a Saturday brunch,, so we chose a smoothie instead.

It was a combo of banana, mango, pineapple, ginger and rice milk.

The smoothie was thick, more like a nana-style ice cream, so we ate it with a spoon, but it was very good – especially as it was a very hot day and it was icey cold.

What we ate

We went for the classic açai bowl which came with strawberries, banana, goji berries, honey and granola. With açai, you can never go wrong, but the granola was quite sweet.

It takes some courage to put a cauliflower based pizza on the menu in Italy!

Açai Sisters

But we can assure you, they still know how to make it taste amazing! The three  little mini pizzas came on a bed of raw spinach with some olive oil. The tomato sauce was so rich in flavour and was perfect combined with the grilled veggies and the cashew cheese.

We got the strawberry cheesefake for dessert and had to ask if it was really vegan, because it was so creamy!.

The base is deliciously crumbly with a second layer of the “cream cheese”. The topping is stewed berries, which adds perfection. We also had to try the brownie and banana bread on the counter as well!

The brownie is more like a Snicker. with a bottom layer of caramel with chunky dates. Finally, the banana bread was really fresh and wasn’t over sweet.

The bill

Berrylicious  7.50EU
Tropical yellow  5.50EU
Cali-flower pizza 9.00EU
Strawberry cheese-fake 4.00EU
banana bread  2.00EU
Raw Brownie  2.00EU
Water 1.00EU

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What else?

You can order Açai Sisters on deliveroo and Ubereats.

What made us glow?

The fact that plant based food is growing in Italy and Açai Sisters have changed their traditional pizza, pasta  mindset and bravely put zucchini noodles and cauliflower based pizza’s on the menu!