Avo Brothers, Milan

Looking for a plant-based or vegan café in Milan? Avo Brothers is a new experience totally dedicated to avocados. As well as celebrating all things avocado, they offer an American brunch style menu serving meat and fish alongside a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Avo Brothers is also responsible for an Italian first – they sell the revolutionary Beyond Meat burger.

The setting

Avo Brothers is in Porto Vittoria. Take tram 9 or 19 or bus 12 or 27 to Piaza Cinque Giornate, a five minute walk away.  The café is next to the beautiful church Santa Maria Del Suffragio and Muzzi, the healthy breakfast and salad bar.

The space

Avo Brothers is painted a vibrant green so you can’t miss it.  There are two large tables outside and inside there are padded emerald banquettes and velvet sofas galore.

The walls are decorated with mirrors and avocado themed paintings and the large, bright space has small marble tables and a massive sharing table.

If you go at lunchtime you will find it gets quite crowded, There is WiFi, but you should avoid working at busy times.


The fresh juice test

Avo Brothers have energy shots and juices, but they are known for their signature rainbow lattes. We had to try one, or two.

We ordered the raspberry chai latte and a butterfly blue latte with oat milk, both in great sized cups.

The lattes were very sweet, maybe a little bit too sweet for my taste. The raspberry one tasted like the Dutch sweets I used to eat when I was little. The staff suggested  we get the oat milk as it froths the best, but there’s also coconut, almond and soy mylk on offer.

What we ate

Avo Brothers serves plant based guilt free food and also caters for meat eaters.  The menu stretches from pancakes to smoothie bowls; from salad bowls with a side of sweet potato fries to meat- free burgers.

We decided to review the classic avocado toast on sweet potato, the açai bowl, the botanical bowl, some sweet potato fries, plus the guilt free brownie

The avocado toast came on three sweet potato slices. It had half an avocado on top sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds.  We also added scrambled eggs, which were made with almond mylk instead of regular. The sweet potatoes were nice and soft and the avocado was was perfectly ripe. We loved the idea of substituting the toast with sweet potato.

Açai is pretty rare in Italy and the açai bowl was a real winner. You can top it with honey, granola and peanut butter for free. The granola is delicious and crunchy, but not too sugary. The bowl was finished off with berries and coconut.

The Botanical Bowl comes with lettuce, carrot, avocado broccoli, mushrooms, cucumber, edamame beans and beetroot hummus with sesame and chia seeds on top. The veg were nice and crispy, not overdone, but the bowl was not overly large.

Next, we had the best, most crispiest sweet potato fries I’ve ever been served – along with some paprika aioli, which was plant based. The sweet potato fries were super crispy, but not oily at all. The dipping sauce had a really mayonnaise-y kind of texture which perfectly matched the hint of paprika powder.

Finally, we had the guilt free brownie to share. The brownie is vegan, but it is still super chewy. On top it was layered with crushed walnuts and powdered sugar.

The little things that make the difference

The bathroom is full of cute avocado paintings.  We love!

The bill

Avo Toast    €5.50
+ scrambled egg  €1.50
Açai  €8
Botanical bowl (Large) €12
Sweet potato fries  €4
Guilt free brownie  €2.50
Raspberry chai latte with oat milk €3
Butterfly blue latte €3