Vegan Bowls, Barcelona

Vegan Bowls is plant-based, plastic free and popular throughout Barcelona. It may be tiny, but it certainly packs a punch when it comes to serving up plant-based food.

The setting

Vegan Bowls is centrally placed near Plaça Catalunya and the shopping district. You can take the L2 metro to Universidat or the bus D50 to Ronda Universitat.

The space

The baby pink payment desk is stacked with their delicious plant-based doughnuts and famous cookies. Inside, they only have two tables with four chairs in total. They are mainly take away.

The white painted walls are made of wood with their colourful logo on either side. They have a good working wifi. However, I would definitely not recommend lingering with your laptop. There’s basically no space for it!  It’s very popular with all ages, so you may have to queue for a while.

The fresh juice test

I loved the green detox juice.

They made it fresh in front of me.  It had pineapple, organic apple juice, mint ginger and kale in it.  It was sweet, but you could taste the hint of veg in it, a very good mix!

What we ate

Vegan bowls has a surprisingly large menu for such a small take away spot. They specialise in bowls like smoothie bowls, toasts and savoury bowls but they also have a huge selection of plant based treats, healthy (and unhealthy).

Their food is super colourful!

I decided to review the Red curry, one of their muffins and their famous vegan chocolate chip cookie.

The curry was warm and filling and made of coconut milk, chickpeas, sweet potato and tofu. It comes with brown rice and beautifully topped with kale, sliced almonds, edible flowers and sprouts! The curry had a very thick coconut flavour and was packed with chickpeas.

The waitresses suggested I try the cookie.  It’s not very healthy, but it’s definitely worth a go. You won’t believe that it is plant-based, because it’s so incredible. The outside is super crunchy, but when you break it open the inside is still soft and moist.

Finally the muffins. They have four kinds of muffins: with nuts, banana, blueberry and apple. All the muffins are sugar and gluten free. The outside is crispy and well baked, the inside is a softer texture.

The little things that make the difference

They offer a delivery service via Deliveroo and Glovo.

The bill

Curry  €9,40
Muffin  €2,80
Cookie  €2,70
Green detox juice  €5,00


Flax and Kale, Barcelona

Flax & Kale was the first Flexitarian health-food restaurant in Barcelona. While 80% of their dishes are plant-based, the remaining 20% contain oily fish. Flax & Kale are passionate about healthy food and the café is famous across the Catalan city.

The setting

You can find Flax & Kale in El Raval, near the Placa Catalunya and the main shopping district. Take the L2 metro to stop Universitat or bus D50 to Ronda Universitat. The amazing Museum d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona is also nearby.

The space

The outside is clean and simple. You will see large windows with beige awning with the Flax & Kale initials on it. The street is quite busy since it’s one of the main shopping streets near by Placa de Catalunya and there’s a terrace outside.

Inside, the café has high ceilings and feels airy and large.

The wall length windows fill the restaurant with natural light which suits the warm wood work and white accessories. You can expect lots of plants, exposed brick, communal tables and a selection of eating areas including booths. I sat down at the bar since I was alone and it was super crowded. I did the review around 11am  on a Tuesday.

On the second floor, there’s another section of the restaurant which they open during peak hours. Finally, there’s also a gorgeous roof top terrace where you can dine in between flowers and plants!

The service is very quick. I couldn’t decide what to pick and the waitress recommended her favourites instead of the best sellers and the most expensive dishes. There’s wifi, but I wouldn’t recommend sitting in to work, as it gets so busy during breakfast and lunch hours.

What else?

The crowd is very diverse and caters to all ages. They have a kids menu. Flax & Kale have two other smaller branches- the take-away F&K Á Porter in the H&M Flagship Store in the Passeig de Gràcia district and F&K Passage in Sant Pere Més Alt Street in the Ciutat Vella.

The fresh juice test

Flax & Kale have a large drinks menu.

You can choose from kombuchas, smoothies, a wide range of Theresa’s Juicery juices, mylks and purées.

I decided to review The Berlin juice – a rainbow coloured fruit purée. It was a very, very good choice! The cold-pressed purée has three different layers. The first layer is made of orange and mango purée. The second layer is a less thick blend of strawberries and blueberries. The last layer is a thick beetroot and activated charcoal layer. It comes ready made in a bottle, but do shake it first. I tried to drink it but nothing came out initially and then everything came out at once. All the flavours were there and I really liked the juice. Even though it is packed with fruit you can still taste the beetroot flavour.

What we ate

I had the Rainbow coconut milk parfait and the Ginger turmeric doughnut.

The base of the parfait is home made coconut mylk yoghurt mixed with blue spirulina, which colours the yoghurt pale baby blue. The bowl is topped off with a lot of fruit- blueberries, blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, grapes and banana. Next to this, they add their gluten free crumble with chocolate chunks and their homemade “moskito”, which is a cookie made of buckwheat flour, cashew mascarpone with a plant-based chocolate cover. It is a great sized portion.

Next, I had the non-fried ginger turmeric doughnut. The doughnut is made out of almond flour and is covered in plant based chocolate. In the middle it has a blob of ginger, turmeric and cashew cream. The doughnut had a very airy texture because of the almond flour. It does taste a bit more like a cake though, since it isn’t fried.

The little things that make the difference

The toilet is so beautifully designed. The light is amazing and the walls are full of mirrors so everyone can take photos and selfies in the bathroom.

The bill

Rainbow coconut milk parfait  €8.95
Ginger turmeric doughnut  €2.95
Berlin juice  €5.95


Flex Bowls, Barcelona

Flex Bowls was the first healthy bowl café in Barcelona. It has a wide range of plant-based, flexitarian food on the menu. It’s a must visit for you if you’re plant-based and in Barcelona.

The setting

Flex Bowls is in Eixample. To get there, take the 47 bus to Pau Claris Arago station. It’s near other gastro-hotspots Eatmytrip Brunch & Bakery, El Nacional and Citizin café.

The space

Flex Bowls has a large, glass front with their signature white plate sign hanging above it. Outside, there are wooden apple boxes filled with their juice, lunch and brunch menu, plus there’s a tiny terrace on the other side of the pedestrian walkway.

Once inside, there’s a huge bar where you order food to take away or eat in. Behind the bar are shelves stacked with wines, plants, coffee cups and preserving jars. There are three high tables with bar chairs where you can sit at the bar. And there’s more!  Down the stairs there’s another huge space where you can settle in to work or chat. They have strong wifi.

The fresh juice test

I had the slim fit juice which was a smart choice.

It was perfectly balanced between the sweet of the fruit and the savoury of the veg.

The juice came in a house Flex Bowls bottle and was a combination of watermelon, spinach, cucumber, celery, coconut water, lemon, chia and ginger. All the flavours were there, but none of them were overpowering. Delicious.

What we ate

Flex Bowls has a lot of plant-based variety on their menu – from smoothie bowls and chia pots to pancakes.

Lactose Free, Gluten Free and vegan dishes are all marked up. I decided to review the Pumpkin Pecan Smoothie Bowl, as I was curious about the pumpkin (!), and the Vegan Brownie.

The bowl had a base of almond milk, pumpkin, banana, almonds, dates, vanilla and cinnamon. It was topped off with granola, chia seeds, nuts, banana, strawberry, coconut and cinnamon. The base was pleasantly surprising. The pumpkin added a nice twist and the hint of cinnamon added a perfect finishing touch. The granola was very sweet and sugary but rather confusingly didn’t appear to include pecans!

The brownie made up for it though. It was super moist and chewy from the inside. The top layer had a huge crunchy layer of nuts on top. You won’t regret ordering one.

The little things that make the difference

The big smiles of the waiters!

The bill

Pumpkin pecan smoothie bowl  €8,95
Slim fit juice €5,45
Vegan brownie €4,50



Böl, Barcelona

Böl translated as Bowls Bar is one of Barcelona’s go to cafés, especially if you like your dose of fresh, organic, produce served up in a bowl.

From the morning bowls featuring açai, spirulina and protein through to the signature Buddha bowls there’s a huge choice. You can even have Avocado Toast Bowls.

Böl’s aim is to empower you to “Eat Good & Feel Good” to feed your body and spirit.

The location

Böl is in L’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample, on the west side of Carrer de Balmes. You can take the H10 bus to Mallorca-Balmes station. There’s a selection of other healthy cafés around and hotspots like Brunch and Cake, Bon and Green and Berry are near by.

The space

Böl has a small outside terrace with tables under beach umbrellas and  wooden stools in front of the window. You order at the bar and you can sit in or take away. Inside the decor is very modern, warm wood work and clean lines. It’s fresh and white with industrial iron lamps.

You can sit outside in the sun, on the pretty baby blue chairs.

The little things that make the difference

The smoothie bowls come in coconut bowls and a matching spoon, we love!

What we ate

Böl serves smoothie bowls, quinoa bowls, toast and plant-based pancakes. It offers something for everyone, meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan. There’s special notes on their menu for dishes which contain sesame, eggs, soy, gluten and lactose and it also indicates which are vegetarian, spicy and vegan. It’s great for those of us with allergies, like my lactose intolerance.

I ordered the coco mermaid böl and the Buddha böl with a beet latte with almond mylk.

The coco mermaid böl had a base made of coconut flesh, coconut mylk, spirulina and cantaloupe. It was topped with homemade granola, apple, blueberry, cacao nibs and grated coconut. The smoothie base was cold, really cold, but the taste was tropical. It had a very fresh flavour mixed with the cantaloupe.  It didn’t have a lot of topping, but the toppings it did have were nice, with a lot of crunch.

The Buddha bowl came on a turmeric quinoa base and was topped with sweet potatoes, broccoli, red cabbage, marinated chickpeas, grapefruit, crunchy seeds, alfalfa sprouts and a miso tahini sauce. The bowl was a mix of vegetables, protein, crunch, bitter and sweet. It was perfectly balanced!

The beet latte was a very cute pink. It wasn’t sweet, you can always add sugar later if you want, which I prefer.

The bill

Coco mermaid böl  €8,50
Buddha böl  €9,95
Beet latte  €2,10
+almond milk  €0,20