Wild Food Café, Islington, North London

Wild Food Café in Islington is a far cry from the cosy, rustic feel of their Neal’s Yard location, but it’s just as inviting and a short walk from Highbury and Islington tube on Upper Street.

Wild Food Café strive to find the most nourishing and inspiring ingredients available. Their sources include wild crafted and foraged foods from pristine eco systems, small organic farmers and ethical and local suppliers.  Everything is raw, plant based and, I think, delicious.

The space

The interiors feel sleek and millennial. There is also much greenery, with marble tabletops and pink detailing to round off the beautiful, open space.

Founders Aiste and Joel have created the most aesthetic, innovative feel to their second location, which is reflected in the food served.

The little things that make a difference

From the plants to the open kitchen, the stylistic details are what make the open space so magnificent. I’m a sucker for an open kitchen, complete with pizza oven and breakfast bar, as it allows for an element of transparency. There is no fear in presenting the labour behind the food, the ingredients and process behind every dish.

Whilst there are plugs and yes, there is WiFi, Wild Food Café will always first and foremost be a restaurant. You could sit for the odd hour or so with your laptop, especially as the environment feels ever so calming, but I wouldn’t stay more than that. There are so many other options on Upper Street to set up camp for the afternoon, save Wild Food for a magic elixir with friends, or a blowout brunch date.

The fresh juice test

I’ve had many a green juice at the Neal’s Yard branch. The Vibrant Green I decided to review contains celeriac, sea beet, watercress, nettle, sea purslane, mint and apple. However, it is the smoothies and hot elixirs that I urge you to try. From a rose hot chocolate to the cacao ecstasy I guzzled, they are every so dreamy.

What we ate

Each plate can only be described, as a masterpiece in its own right. Every dish as different in structure, flavour and finish as a row of art works in a gallery.  In my opinion, there is nowhere in London quite like it. It’s the main reason I keep coming back. The menu combines both the healing nature of food with the taste and presentation of a Michelin star restaurant.

The menu changes with the seasons introducing new ingredients, medicinal plants, adaptogens and herbs.


We had the Italian pizza  made with marinara sauce, cashew cheese sauce, cherry tomatoes, wild leaf pesto, sun-blushed artichokes, pink olives, rocket, basil and nori and the Fawaffle.

It was a falafel waffle served with cashew and mint cream, sweet chilli sauce, red cabbage slaw, pepper and tomato salsa and sprouted lentil hummus.

They were both part of the weekend lunch menu. The menu during the week varies. Then we shared the limited edition Easter egg, part of the Easter weekend specials. This dessert was the star of the show. The white chocolate cream was gloriously fluffy and decadent and formed a lovely sweet bed for the double-layered chocolate egg to sit on, filled with hazelnut praline. This was seasonal, but it’s worth saying that there’s always an amazing selection of raw desserts year round.

What we’d go back for…

Dessert. I won’t stop until I’ve tried every sweet dish on the menu.  Plus, the staff themselves who greet you so warmly as you walk through the door and serve each plate with love are another reason to return.

The bill

Vibrant green juice  £8
Italian pizza  £15.50
Fawaffle  £12.50
Desserts from  £7.50


Caravan Bankside, Southwark

Need a London café close to the Tate Modern that ticks all the boxes? Caravan Bankside is a Southwark must visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just coffee and a home brewed kombucha. They cater for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. Our verdict? It doesn’t just entice, it delights and delivers.

The location

Caravan Bankside is located in an old metal box factory in this achingly cool area of  Southwark, a stone’s throw from the Tate Modern. It’s also an easy walk to the Menier Chocolate Factory, The Globe Theatre and Borough Market.

The space

The spacious café has retained many original 19th century features and has a warm, industrial feel.

Imagine large windows, white columns, stripped wood and metal girders. You could easily spend the day here with your laptop or celebrate with a large group.


What else

Caravan Bankside is the third branch of Caravan. Their mixed menu is also on offer at Exmouth Market, King’s Cross, Fitzrovia and in the City. They also brew their own immune boosting kombucha and shrubs.

The fresh juice test

As well as fresh juices, shots and milk blends (hot and cold), Caravan Bankside brew their own immune boosting ferments and pro-biotic sodas.

The ginger and galangal soda and the pomegranate kombucha sounded particularly appealing. In the end, we decided to review two fresh juices. First, the cucumber, apple, parsley, spinach and sorrel which was a prefect balance of sweet and bitter. Next we tested the beetroot, cucumber, cayenne and lemon. We’d never had beetroot in a juice without apple before, but didn’t miss it, as there was enough sweetness and it was refreshingly light.

What we ate

Caravan serves up a little bit of everything from across the globe; from small plates and snacks to larger dishes.

We began with snacks and chose the the stilton and peanut wantons with ketjap dip.

They were crisp and exquisite. We followed with the charred hispi cabbage, sweet miso, blue cheese and thai basil. This dish was even more heavenly, with the sweet miso sauce taking it to a new level.  Finally, we had the split pea dahl, braised greens, carrot relish, ginger jam, coconut yoghurt and pickled red onion. This was also good but not a standout dish.

What we’d go back for

The cabbage… and we want to try their plant-based breakfasts next time – which include spiced yoghurts, steel cut oat porridge and smoothie bowls. Plus, their industrial themed unisex toilets are lovely, with stripped bricks, exposed copper piping and Aesop hand washes and creams.

The bill

Stilton and peanut wantons, ketjap manis £4.50
Charred hispi cabbage £7.50
Split pea dahl and braised greens £14.50
Juices £4.50

Meet The Glowgetter, Camilla Fayed

Sustainable, seasonal and nutritious, Farmacy was the first Glowcation to create a plant-based, refined-sugar free menu, heavily influenced by California in a super stylish West London interior. Camilla Fayed is the face behind Farmacy, Notting Hill’s pioneering plant-based restaurant which when it opened in 2016 was ahead of its time.

Launching the Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook this Autumn now means the plant-based recipes which have become such a success can reach a wider audience. Here Camilla reveals how she starts the day and what’s next for Farmacy.

Which is your favourite recipe from your new book and why?

The Farmacy White Macadamia Cookies are one of my favourite sweet treats. They are gluten and refined sugar- free, perfect for enjoying as an afternoon snack at home, or on-the-go. They are also fun and easy to make – the children and I make them about once a week at home.

What’s a perfect Autumn recipe from your book?

Forager’s Pie- it’s packed full of seasonal vegetable and a great warming dinner to feed the whole family as we enter the colder months.

What are your daily techniques and life hacks for running a business?

Never give in to fear! Draw strength from mistakes and surround yourself with a passionate and hungry team.

Growing a plant-based business can be tough and many fail in the first year.

What advice would you give to someone starting out now with a small business in the world of wellness?

Very few supported me and my vision at the beginning, never giving in to fear was the key. With a lot of hard work and dedication, from both myself and my amazing team (whom without, none of this would have been possible) –  here we are!

It has been over two years since our inception, and not only has the restaurant gone from strength to strength, but we have also launched not just a cookbook, but last year also cultivated our very own Farmacy Kitchen Garden.

We have a biodynamic plot of land in Kent, that grows fruit, vegetables and herbs for the restaurant.

The garden initiative has been hugely educational for the whole Farmacy team. Having harnessed their understanding of provenance and biodynamics, there are now many ingredients on the menu that have been replaced with more sustainable alternatives.

What has been the highest and lowest moment of running your business?

The highest: there have been so many…

The amazing, positive feedback we received from guests when we first opened and still do to this day.
The launch of our first cookbook earlier this year.
Creating the Farmacy Kitchen Garden [a biodynamic plot of land in Kent we use to grow produce for the restaurant] and getting the whole team involved and excited about
Winning the ‘Feed People Well’ Awards at the prestigious Food Made Good Awards hosted by The Sustainable Restaurant Association last month.

The lowest: I’m not sure. Even the tough bits have proved an exciting challenge, and on reflection – a useful learning curve – though I’m sure I didn’t think this at the time! 😉

What are your top 5 secrets for keeping that inner and outer glow under pressure?

A plant-based diet
Getting enough sleep
Spending time outdoors
Quality time with family or friends – when my phone is off
Using all-natural products – especially on my face!

If you were looking at making changes towards a plant-based lifestyle where would you advise people to start?

A lot of people expect plant-based cooking and food to be boring, and restrictive, but Farmacy, and the subsequent cookbook, was our opportunity to show people that it can be delicious, exciting and food that you can implement on a daily basis.

Many of the recipes in the book have surprised readers, showing how tasty plant-based food can be by using healthier substitutes.

This is especially the case with the dessert recipes, that use ingredients such as cacao in place of cooking chocolate, or dates instead of refined sugar.

My main piece of advice would be for people to insist on sourcing organic produce from local farmers markets and staying out of the supermarkets where organic food is overpriced and usually covered in plastic. A healthy and nutritious lifestyle does not co-exist with chemicals and pesticides.


A morning ritual is so important to wellbeing. How do you start your day and what do you eat for breakfast?

I’m a firm believer in the benefits of both fasting, and intermittent fasting. I start the day with a pure celery or green juice religiously. I therefore tend not to eat as soon as I wake up, and instead prefer to opt for an energy boosting mid-day snack, followed by healthy and nutritious lunch.

You’ve achieved so much. Where next and what are you dreaming about for the Farmacy brand?

We are due to open a second site in London next Spring and will soon be launching across the pond – watch this space!

You can buy Camilla’s Farmacy Cookbook by clicking here and you can read our in depth review of Farmacy here .

Moksa, Bali

Moksa has a mission: to create, and serve, healthy food in the most extraordinary and inspiring way.

Their ingredients are sourced directly from their own permaculture garden and this Glowcation is a fun farm to fork experience from start to finish.

Apart from their inspirational mission, Moksa’s USP is serving raw, vegan food which will quite simply explode your taste buds. Their standout dishes from the massive menu are the raw vegan lasagne and pizza.

The location

Moksa is quite remote, so you need to follow the instructions on their website to get there from central Ubud. We went by scooter, as it’s a long walk from the town centre. Moksa is surrounded by rice fields and on arrival you instantly feel like you’re miles away from the super busy and increasingly touristy Ubud.

The space

When you arrive at Moksa, you relax and can appreciate the sound of birds and the jungle. It’s the perfect get away from the city.

There’s two big, wooden, open terraces under a roof. You can relax and look at their beautiful permaculture garden from the chairs and tables made of dark Indonesian wood. When we arrived around 4pm it wasn’t busy at all. It filled up later but it never felt crowded or noisy. The music was  Ed Sheeran and acoustic covers of numbers, but not too loud. Working with your laptop in a culinary restaurant like this won’t be appreciated, but they do have good WiFi.

There’s a little shop next to the restaurant where they sell their own cakes and pies. You can also get take away there.

The crowd

Is quite international.  Moksa restaurant was founded by Chef Made Runatha and Made Janur Yasa. Chef Made Runatha became the world’s first Indonesian certified plant-based cuisine chef.

The fresh juice test

We had a fresh young coconut and the Body Cleanser which contained carrot, kale, celery, wheatgrass, ginger, apple and lime juice.

The apple made the juice a bit sweeter, but not too sweet. It came in a long glass with a bamboo straw.

What we ate

Moksa is 100% plant based and serves raw and cooked food. They use seasonal produce direct from their permaculture garden and the choices on the menu range from Asian, to Italian to Mexican!

We started off with the Moksa Mezze which came on a platter with quinoa, tabouleh, grilled aubergine, cucumber stick, olives, red radishes, tomato, vegan pesto cheese, living bread and crackers, accompanied with zucchini hummus, vegan tzatziki and red beet muhamara.

As our main dish, we had the Moksa Sampler, tempeh ribs and a portion of purple sweet potato fries with house made “ketchup”. The Moksa Sampler was a chef`s selection of mini lasagne, Asian spring pasta, mini pizza, gado-gado, organic spring mix, and accompanied with a soup of choice. We chose the soup of the day which was a very creamy and rich flavoured pumpkin soup.

Our favourite was definitely the mini lasagne, as the flavours were so intense and delicious.

We really loved the Sampler, because the menu is so large and everything sounds amazing, having the sampler allowed us to taste half of the selection.

The Tempeh ribs were two pieces grilled soy tempeh marinated with homemade bbq sauce, served with mashed sweet potatoes, mixed greens and grilled tomato. The flavour and texture of the ribs really were like a piece of meat. Plus, the extra portion of bbq sauce next to the ribs was perfect. So we ate it with the sweet potato as well.

Last, but not least, we ordered the Sweet Symphony as dessert. This was the chef`s selection of three raw vegan cakes and pies with vegan ice cream. We had a passionfruit pie with a nut and date layer and a very creamy light yellow passionfruit and lime layer with raspberries and topped with a gelatin like layer with passionfruit seeds. Plus, a slice of lime pie and another slice of raw chocolate pie with “whipped cream” and a strawberry next to a scoop of raspberry ice-cream.

The desserts were amazing.

Our tip, since the dessert menu is also pretty large, you can have 4 desserts in one if you go for the platter.

The little things that make the difference

The service is perfect and so professional. When we arrived, they asked us if we had been to Moksa before, and explained the philosophy of the restaurant. When your food arrives they also go through everything on your plate.

Almost all their food is grown in their own permaculture garden and they have a farmers market every Tuesday and Saturday from 10AM till 2PM. Also, the ceramic sets on sale (made by Hillary Kane from Gaya Ceramic Art Centre) and the cutlery are really unique.

The bill

Moksa mezze 70.000IDR
Moksa sampler 80.000IDR
Sweet potato fries 25.000IDR
Sweet symphony 70.000IDR
Tempeh ribs 70.000IDR
Body cleanser  55.000IDR
Young coconut  25.000IDR

For more Bali inspiration click here.

Stanley, Melbourne

Julien Moussi is the undisputed creative king of the Melbourne brunch café scene. With Stanley,  he’s launched another winning eatery located in a former milk bar on a corner of a residential street in Mount Waverley. Stanley is now the talk of the town.

The presentation is always on point with these guys! They know how to break the boundaries and take food art to a whole new level. It’s worth a visit just for the pics… but who are we kidding? You’ll want a taste it too. 

The space

With a classic, white and grey finish, this cafe has an understated design allowing the amazing menu do all the talking. There’s lots of indoor seating – room for 60 – and the linear space has calming pale wood furniture and plants.

They also have an outdoor courtyard, which is heated all day long and designed to work in all seasons.

The little things that make a difference

The super friendly staff who greet you with a huge smile as soon as you walk in! Coffee comes from Moussi’s Inglewood Coffee Roasters, and those passing by with the dog can order from the takeaway coffee window.

The fresh juice test

Stanley has no green juice, but offers three smoothies, coconut water, plus orange, mango or apple juice. I chose instead a deliciously, creamy turmeric coconut latte.

What we ate

The menu features colourful favourites from Moussi’s other cafes, such as granola and acai bowls, and avo on toast, but new to the mix are chocolate waffles oozing with nutella, and a crunchy golden schnitzel with slaw heaped on top.

Can I jump straight to dessert? I’m still dreaming about those ‘Nutella Hong Kong Waffles.’

Warm, fluffy and oozing with runny Nutella on the inside… what a dream! All served with vanilla mascarpone, banana brulée, berry purée and crushed pistachios.

Don’t worry, there is healthy food too! Their smashed avo toast wasn’t just any smashed avo toast. They used the most delicious thick toasted multigrain bread, a huge serving of smashed avo (which always makes me happy), a crispy potato rosti, sesame, chilli, feta and the most perfectly poached egg on top.

Once that egg was cracked open, it was just bliss from there on.

We also tried their Breakfast Bowl which was a mix of smoked yoghurt, quinoa, kale, avocado, halloumi, tomato and poached egg…the perfect option for anyone who loves a good savoury brekkie.

What we’d go back for…

Their turmeric coconut latte (drank too quickly to photograph)… but seriously makes you feel golden on the inside.

The bill

Nutella waffles  $20
Smashed avo Toast  $16
Breakfast bowl  $18.50
Turmeric coconut latte  $6





TYF, Fulham

TYF, short for Tell Your Friends, is the brainchild of sisters Lucy and Tiff Watson, stars of Made In Chelsea and passionate vegans.

It’s a café with a mission – one to show that there’s more to vegan life than salad!

The space

It’s at the Parson’s Green end of the King’s Road – with a front conservatory you can’t miss. It’s cool with a very boho-chic feel. It has a brick wall on one side, a cosy front entrance, a casual middle section, plus a smarter area at the back of the restaurant. On the side wall, there’s a range of cacti and greenery which gives the restaurant a relaxed plant-focused feel.

We went during the day, but the bar and the neon signs on the wall paint the perfect setting for an evening meal too.

The fresh  juice test

The green juice was a combination of cucumber, celery and apple. Sometimes simplicity is best. It wasn’t trying to be too fancy and had a really refreshing taste.

The little things that make the difference

I loved the square water bottles which were packed with mint. You can tell there’s been a huge focus on attention to detail and all the brands are ethical. The bar is fully stocked with vegan beers and quinoa based spirits. They also offer the range of Seedlip non-alcoholic for the tee-totallers.

The whole menu is vegan and incredibly innovative.

It includes plant based fish and chips, vegan chicken dippers, raw vegan lasagne and plant- based burgers. TYF also caters for the gluten-free diet with a range of options.

What else?

I loved the diversity of the menu. I really want to come back and work my way through it all! Everything looked so delicious!

What we ate

We went for the buddah bowl which was a variety of quinoa, tofu, sprouts, edamame, avocado, sugar snap peas and tofu. It was seasoned with an array of Asian inspired flavours which really packed a punch.

It had a great mix of textures and, from a nutritionist’s point of view, was very balanced for a vegan meal.

We also had the bean burger with cashew cheese which tasted exactly like normal cheese and was packed with flavour. It was also loaded with caramelised onions which went really well the cheese.

Finally, we got the vegan apple pie with coconut and nutmeg ice cream which melted perfectly into the dessert. It was sweet, but not too overpowering and the spices really came through. The dessert was drizzled with a caramel which also delicious.

What we’d go back for…

The apple pie! I loved the fact the apples were in chunks rather than a purée. They still had their crunch which, when combined with the topping and ice cream, was a complete explosion in your mouth. So delicious!

The bill

Bean burger  £12.50
Buddah bowl  £13.00
Green juice  £4.50
Coconut Water  £3.45
Apple crumble  £7.50


Malibu, LA: Malibu Farm

With a sensational scenic view over the Pacific Ocean, and a cool, Californian interior,  Malibu Farm is a must visit and where the Glowcation brand began.


Both the Malibu Farm Restaurant and Malibu Farm Café perch on Malibu Pier, overlooking the ocean front. The restaurant at the entrance of the pier serves full plates, while the café at the end of the pier offers counter-service. I would recommend the restaurant for its elegant setting and fuller menu. The motto “Organic. Fresh. Local” sets the mood for a healthy Californian meal.


Malibu Farm is a chic, clapperboard beach house that overlooks a haven for surfers. It has whitewashed wooden furniture, string lights hanging from beams, linen cushions and blankets to curl ups in, a flying Californian flag and large communal tables.

If you wander to the end you will find Ranch on the Pier- a carefully curated gift shop owned by a member of the Bamford family who run Daylesford.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating available, but we suggest outdoor sitting either directly overlooking the pier or in a cozy booth.

Your view is waves crashing on the shore and watching surfers from afar!

Little things

The staff embody the casual Californian and friendly attitude and are very attentive. Even though there is not a lot of veggie options, they nicely make recommendations as to what to order or replace in your dish.

We also love there merchandise which includes branded kilner jars, blankets and cookery books.

Nothing compares to having a meal in the sun with the wind in your hair, breathing the salty air and taking the time to pause and appreciate the calming view.

The fresh juice test

Malibu Farm is known for its colourful juices served in Malibu Farm-stamped glass jars and reusable straws.

The smoothies and juices are all freshly squeezed with a choice of green (mint lemon), pink (watermelon) or orange juice. I chose the kale and apple juice which has a beautiful dark green hue. It was refreshing, but a little too sweet for my taste.

What else?

Malibu Farm is all about fresh organic and local produce which I’m all for ! The founder states on the website that for her people should “Eat the real thing or don’t eat at all”.

Another good point for me is that it is accessible by public transportation with a bus stop in front of the pier. LA is not known for having an efficient public transportation system, but there is a direct bus from Santa Monica to Malibu and it is more eco-friendly !

What we ate

You will find healthy dishes in the menu ranging from salads to fresh small plates, sandwiches or cauliflower crust pizza. There are not a lot of vegetarian and vegan options but I chose a grilled vegetable sandwich.

The sandwich itself is composed of multi-grain bread,  hummus, zucchini, arugula, eggplant, bell pepper and served with a side of arugula and beetroot quinoa salad.

It’s a filling fresh dish which leaves a little bit of room for dessert. You have to order ice-cream at Malibu Farm – instead of scoops, they give you a small pint ! I had the vegan matcha which is my favourite and it’s super creamy!

The bill

Kale Apple juice   $9.00
Vegan Sandwich  $15.00
Vegan Matcha Ice cream  $8.00
+ tax

What made us glow

The breathtaking view, the casual surfer chic atmosphere and the ice cream !







Meet The Glowstar: Fleur Maat

Fleur Maat was born and raised in Rotterdam. In her gap year, she travelled and worked as a model in Milan before going to Utrecht University to study Global Sustainability Science.

She is passionate about healthy eating and is the founder of The Model Food Diary.

Why did you launch The Model Food Diary?

I started the Model Food Diary back in 2014, when I was in my last year of high school. I was trying to get into shape for modelling. I was scouted on the streets a couple of times at 15 and I was planning on taking a gap year to travel and give modelling a go. Living up to the standards of the fashion industry, however, took a lot of effort and dedication from my side. I had to lose weight, but I didn’t know anything about working out or healthy eating.

Besides learning more about healthy food I also had to learn how to cook

Instagram provided me with an endless stream of culinary inspiration. Cooking became my biggest passion. My healthy cooking got better and, influenced by the many food bloggers that I followed, I decided to start my own personal food platform in order to share my own food creations.

Describe your upbringing, how important was healthy eating?
Growing up we always had proper homemade meals and my parents made sure me and my sisters ate our fruit and veg. But there was always more than enough room for treats and not-so healthy foods. Baking is something I got from my mother, I used to bake every single weekend- apple pies, cupcakes, cookies – you name it. Baking is still one of my favourite types of cooking, but whenever I bake now, I try to make it as healthy as possible using whole grains, nuts, fruit and unrefined sugars. My mum has a passion for gardening and, when I am back home in Rotterdam, we often have fresh veggies from her garden- beetroot, lettuce, tomatoes and more, as well as fresh herbs. We also have two chickens.

There is nothing more fun than going into the garden to get fresh products to use in the kitchen!

How would you describe your blog and feed?

I have a weak spot for breakfast and especially pancakes! At the weekends, I’m always experimenting with healthy pancake recipes using different types of flour such as coconut and banana flour. My blog is for anyone who loves healthy food. I don’t follow any specific diet and don’t have any allergies that restrict me in my eating. Even though I am not modelling anymore, I still feel the need to eat healthy.

My cooking comes from all around the world.


I have travelled to many different places and, wherever I am, I try to learn as much as possible about the local kitchen and produce. This is both a big inspiration and it influences my cooking and my blog! I have been to Italy a million times and my recipes often have a Mediterranean twist but I also love authentic Chinese, Mexican and Malay cuisine.

What are you learning from your Instagram and blog  journey?

I am constantly improving my own cooking due to my blog. My favourite thing is to come up with new recipes – either new cool or crazy flavour or ingredient combinations or making existing dishes more healthy with clever tricks. There are many active food bloggers around, but there are also many who share false recipes! With that, I mean recipes that don’t make any sense!

Before I share any recipes of my own, I want to make sure that they are both easy to recreate as well as tasty!

I love it when I am doing my own thing in the kitchen and something super good comes out – that is real cooking for me. Using my intuition and good ingredients. What I have learned is that healthy eating does not have to be super complicated or expensive. Simplicity is often best! As a student this is also a good thing to remember.

What is the mission of The Model Food Diary?

My following consists of many young girls, many who are models themselves.  I understand what they go through in terms of work and having to stay in shape and I love to be able to give them some inspiration about their own healthy diets.

I’ve left modelling so I don’t have the pressure of staying in shape but I still value healthy eating a lot. I also value sustainably produced foods, so I try to cook with seasonal and local products, as much as my student budget allows me.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Glowcation?

Whenever I’m abroad the first thing I Google is where I can eat good and healthy food! Discovering new exciting hotspots is a massive hobby of mine.

Sometimes it takes a lot of work to find out information about a place. Glowcation is a platform that describes hotspots in full detail offering a great deal of food inspiration that saves time for any healthy foodie traveller.

Being able to give my own view of the places I visit is of course super exciting!

What are you excited about?

I’m excited about going into my second year of Global Sustainability Science at Utrecht University. I’m planning on following the business and economics path since I love entrepreneurship. Plus, The Model Food Diary has given me the chance to collaborate with some amazing sustainable and health promoting companies.

I hope to be able to do some surfing and of course: cook!

What are the top 5 things in life that make you glow?

chilling with friends and family
going out for breakfast
AND baking healthy pancakes




Sage Vegan Bistro, LA

If you are looking for beautiful al fresco plant-based eating in  LA then head to Sage Vegan Bistro.

With locations in DTLA, West LA and Pasadena plus their own food truck, you will have plenty of locations to choose from. The diverse food options, the rustic atmosphere and warmth of the staff make it a must visit café.

The setting

I decided to visit Sage in Pasadena, as it’s easily accessible by public transport and I have grown to love the museums there. The Norton Simon collection is mind-blowing and there are cute cafés and boho independent clothing stores all around.

You will find Sage in an alley of brick buildings alongside independent stylish stores and cafés.

Sage has the biggest open-air terrace and veranda. Their outdoor space is packed with trees, has wild plants growing in the pavement, strings of lights and much-appreciated outdoor heaters. I know we are in LA, but I’m always chilly-  don’t judge me!

The indoors areas a mix of rustic meets industrial with mismatched steel tables and chairs and a large wooden bar with a multitude of fresh flower bouquets.

The little things

The abundance of plants and flowers make you feel at home, while the colourful blankets add a welcome cosy feel. The menu is full and interesting so you may well need a good ten minutes pondering on what to order!

Sage is committed to serving locally sourced, organic and seasonal products and regularly change their menus to be more eco-friendly.

As a plant-based café, all of the dishes are vegan – even the chicken or mozzarella are in fact vegan!. But they also cater  for allergies such as gluten, soy and nuts. The waitresses were all friendly and good with suggestions. They also have a menu for kids, so it’s it good for families as well as being plant-pretty for Instagram.

The fresh juice test

Sage has a wide selection of drinks from kombucha to smoothies and juices – including five green juices.

I chose the Fresh which had a good balance of spicy ginger, acidy lemon and refreshing cucumber and apple.

It had a beautiful green hue and a fresh ginger kick! The straws were also reusable which is a huge bonus point from me.

What I ate

Don’t laugh, but I must have spent at least 10 long minutes browsing the two-page menu… Looking at other tables – the pizzas looked ah-mazing with creamy vegan cheese and a fluffy dough, the “chicken” wings made from cauliflower seemed incredible, and the taco and burger choice was so creative!.

When in doubt, I choose a bowl…

but I was torn once more between an Indian-inspired bowl, a soul food bowl and a Brazilian-inspired bowl. Eventually I went Indian. The Bollywood Bowl contained a hearty yellow lentil dhal, a bed of brown rice, steamed kale, an eggplant-tomato-onion-corn-potato stew and was topped with a spicy mint chutney, pickled cabbage and cilantro. The house-made bread which came with it tasted, and looked more like pizza dough, than a naan-style bread, but it was delicious.

As a French person, I am very fussy about pastries, but, oh my, their cinnamon roll for dessert was exquisite.

It was still warm, fluffy and tasted exactly like the ones I used to eat before I went vegan. I bet the muffins, donuts and cakes all taste equally as good.

What else?

The diversity and length of the menu  will satisfy everyone from health-conscious people, to meat-eaters looking for familiar dishes (but veganised !). The rustic feel and warm, welcoming vibe.

Sage is also sustainable, partnering with local farmers, organic produce and an emphasis on a plant-based diet.

What made me glow

The incredible choice on the menu (!), the hearty dishes and the calm outdoor atmosphere in the middle of a busy city.

The bill

The Fresh juice   $10
Bollywood bowl  $16
Cinnamon roll  $4,50
+ 18% tip

Milan: Açai Sisters superfood bar

Açai Sisters is Milan’s first superfood bar.

They believe that nourishing your body and mind is crucial – and they are on a mission to spread their belief. Being 100% Vegan in Italy is still a sensitive topic, but in my opinion Milan is a much richer food hotspot for plant lovers!

Açai Sisters

The setting

The setting is simple, it’s a grab and go with seating.

Think marble tables, painted metal chairs and potted cacti.

They have a little terrace with a cute pink awning over it. There’s free wifi.

The little things

There are  two large fridges stacked with takeaway juices and their amazing deserts – strawberry cheesefake, avocado chocolate mousse or a 100% vegan matcha tiramisu (we’re still in Italy, right!).

The green juice test

We wanted to try a green cold pressed juice, but all the juices were sold out sadly at a Saturday brunch,, so we chose a smoothie instead.

It was a combo of banana, mango, pineapple, ginger and rice milk.

The smoothie was thick, more like a nana-style ice cream, so we ate it with a spoon, but it was very good – especially as it was a very hot day and it was icey cold.

What we ate

We went for the classic açai bowl which came with strawberries, banana, goji berries, honey and granola. With açai, you can never go wrong, but the granola was quite sweet.

It takes some courage to put a cauliflower based pizza on the menu in Italy!

Açai Sisters

But we can assure you, they still know how to make it taste amazing! The three  little mini pizzas came on a bed of raw spinach with some olive oil. The tomato sauce was so rich in flavour and was perfect combined with the grilled veggies and the cashew cheese.

We got the strawberry cheesefake for dessert and had to ask if it was really vegan, because it was so creamy!.

The base is deliciously crumbly with a second layer of the “cream cheese”. The topping is stewed berries, which adds perfection. We also had to try the brownie and banana bread on the counter as well!

The brownie is more like a Snicker. with a bottom layer of caramel with chunky dates. Finally, the banana bread was really fresh and wasn’t over sweet.

The bill

Berrylicious  7.50EU
Tropical yellow  5.50EU
Cali-flower pizza 9.00EU
Strawberry cheese-fake 4.00EU
banana bread  2.00EU
Raw Brownie  2.00EU
Water 1.00EU

For more Milan inspiration click here. 

What else?

You can order Açai Sisters on deliveroo and Ubereats.

What made us glow?

The fact that plant based food is growing in Italy and Açai Sisters have changed their traditional pizza, pasta  mindset and bravely put zucchini noodles and cauliflower based pizza’s on the menu!


Notting Hill: Farmacy, superstylish plant-power

The founder of Farmacy, Camilla Fayed, believes that people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the ‘conscious eating’ movement, so she opened Farmacy two years ago to reflect this.

Serving vegan food (plus eggs) and including many gluten-free, refined sugar free and raw dishes on the extensive menu…it has to be on our Glowcation hit list!

The setting

Farmacy occupies a large corner space on Notting Hill’s Westbourne Grove. As you approach, you see hanging plants and twining ivy surrounding the large windows and entrance.

Once inside, the plant theme continues and there is a useful, small waiting area (since it can be very busy).

The restaurant has been designed around a central green wood and brass bar. There are lots of wooden tables, plus plush booths and banquettes around the walls. The large windows flood the room with light and the many plants create a natural vibe which tones with the green upholstery and ties in with the food.

The little things

In every window there are coloured vases with plants. They have clearly thought really well about all the little details in the restaurant. There are plug sockets at the wall and window tables.

The fresh juice test

For my very first green juice test, I chose the greenest juice possible: the Alkaline booster – cucumber, kale, celery, spinach, romaine, lemon and parsley. Normally,

I like to include a sweet component like apple or pear, so this one was very green for me and not sweet at all.

I did like it though, as I got a huge vitamin boost, but the celery was too strong for me, so that’s why I’m not 100% sold on my choice.

What we ate

My friend and I shared two plates, one sweet, one savoury. Seeing they had waffles on the menu, I was sold in ten seconds and so we had the Chocolate Chip Warrior waffles and the Macro bowl. We started off with the waffles. As a serious waffle fan, I have to admit  I’ve never had such crisp waffles before – which I think is even more impressive for vegan waffles.

The delicious waffles came with house made “nutella”, coconut yoghurt, banana and cacao nibs.

The “nutella” had a very rich cacao flavour and no sign of crunchiness from hazelnuts. I t was a smooth paste, like real Nutella! That – together with the co-yo – was a great combination with the super crunchy waffles and cacao nibs.


The Macro Bowl was basic, minimal and clean – quinoa served with avocado, seaweed, sauerkraut, steamed seasonal greens & sweet potato with a miso ginger dressing.

I normally don’t really like salad dressing, but the miso ginger dressing had a very rich, nutty flavour and finished off the dish.

The bill

The green juice £7
Matcha latte £6
Waffles £10.50
Macro bowl £14.50

What else

You can get a chance to see the chefs at work on the way to the toilet as you pass by the kitchen. Plus there’s a private room with a huge square table, plants, posters and candles

What made us glow

Our dishes and the dishes around me. They were all so pretty that I couldn’t stop looking to see what someone else had ordered.

I really liked the interior.

Interiors are always important for me, as a well furnished restaurant makes me more excited about the food! And last, but not least, the waffles really made me glow! I was so impressed by the crunchiness of them!

To read our interview with the founder Camilla Fayed click here. 


Flatiron: AbcV, NYC’s super chic veggie hotspot

Georges Vongerichten of AbcV is the first top chef to create a vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan.

It’s green haute cuisine in a super-cool space. Plant-based, non-GMO, sustainable and organic where possible – what’s not to love?

His fashionable, shareable plates prove that food that’s good for you (and the planet) can be just as flavour-packed as any served in NYC’s most competitive fine dining restaurants.

The setting

Based in Flatiron’s ABC Carpet and Home Store, the space is as glamorous as the food.

It features an open kitchen, a bustling bar with seating and take out options, plus there’s a dining room with reservable seats.

The decor is all white with pops of neon colour plus dramatic chandeliers hang overhead adding urban glamour. We sat in the table in the window watching New York go by.

The little things

We loved the decor. The lighting was fresh and stylish. And we were fascinated by their juicing machines.

The fresh juice test

We tried two juices: the Greenglow organic pressed juice, a zingy mix of spinach, kale, green apple, citrus and the Root Reboot a spicy combo of beetroot, carrots, ginger, lemon, orange.

However, AbcV is also famous for its signature superfood smoothies.

At $12 a pop, they’re not cheap but they are packed with nutrients. We tried to the yogurt, berry, and bee pollen power trio, designed to give your immune system a boost.

What else?

You can also take-away the food, juices and smoothies.

What we ate

We went for the gluten free almond pancakes, with banana,  whipped cream and a mini jug of maple syrup on the side.


Then we tried the filling sunny side up eggs with a side of market vegetables, herbs and pickled chilli.

The bill

Pancakes $18
Sunny side up eggs, $15
Organic pressed juices $13

What made us glow

The location, the decor and the food.

It’s a must visit when you are in New York followed by a walk along the beautiful High Line.


Mad & Kaffe, Copenhagen

Mad & Kaffe was right at the top of my list to visit for brunch in Copenhagen as I’d heard great things about it.

With branches in two of the city’s hotspots, we visited their Vesterbro cafe – bustling with locals and Instagrammers keen to get that perfect shot.

The vegan and veggie friendly menu works by choosing 3, 5 or 7 small breakfast dishes from their categories of Greens, Dairy, Bakery, Meat & Fish and Treat of the day.

The Setting

The decor is Copenhagen stylish – extremely trendy with exposed bulbs and beautiful mosaic table tops. There’s lots of seating –  room for 30 outdoors and 60 indoors.

There are  several plug sockets if you want to use your laptop or charge your mobile especially at the counters.

The little things

The menu is so easy to follow, you simply tick what you want, choose your drink and write your name and it comes on a beautiful wooden board (perfect Insta moment!).

The fresh juice test

Like other places in Copenhagen, green juices are difficult to come by. They offer a freshly squeezed apple or orange juice which was delicious.

What we ate

We went for 8 dishes altogether including a mix of avocado, beet salad with apple, balsamic vinegar & parsley,  blueberry soya yoghurt with homemade muesli, scrambled eggs with chives and mushrooms, organic fried eggs, organic rye & sourdough bread.

Finally we couldn’t resist an organic cinnamon bun (from their Treat of the Day selection).

The bill

5 items from the breakfast menu: 129DKK
5 items from the breakfast menu: 129DKK
Orange Juice: 37DKK
Oat milk latte: 38DKK

What made us glow?

The bread in Copenhagen is always the showstopper and Mad & Kaffe’s rye bread was definitely a highlight.



Marylebone: Meditation pods at Yeotown Kitchen

From the second I entered Yeotown Kitchen, I was in love.

The peaceful atmosphere, the welcoming faces, the inspirational quotes on the walls and tables…

Yeotown Kitchen is happy. It’s bright. It’s colourful and it’s oh so feel good!

Yeotown Kitchen’s mission statement is“Strong in body, clear in mind”. The cafe is the latest move from Mercedes and Simon Sieff, the couple behind Devon’s award winning Yeotown health retreat.

It provides an oasis in the city to replenish and rejuvenate with their trend setting kitchen, juice bar and meditation pods.

 The setting

Yeotown Kitchen’s double fronted space fits in neatly with its neighbours on upmarket Chiltern Street. Chiltern Firehouse is opposite, and Daylesford and Sweaty Betty round the corner. The vibe is inclusive and relaxing.

It’s spread over two floors and you can grab ‘n’ go or eat in.

Warm wood and yellow hues dominate creating a calm and cheerful atmosphere.

What else?

Quite a lot! There are five mind boosting meditation pods on hand:  The Basic Break (for a quick rejuvenation of mind and body); The Bravery Break (for a boost of courage and confidence).

The cutting edge pods give you a mental boost in just five minutes.

The Beauty Break (to encourage self-love and finding beauty within); The Brain Break (to soothe anxiety, gain better clarity and perspective); and The Balance Break (to restore focus, direction and equilibrium).

The fresh juice test

Yeotown Kitchen specialises in organic dairy free smoothies (with an impressive ten on offer), plus six juices pressed on site. The signature green is called Love – a combo of cucumber, kale, celery, lemon, romaine, pear, lime, green apple and parsley.

My lunch date had the Wisdom juice – a mix of beets, apples, lemon, spinach, ginger and baobab.

And I can confirm, it was pretty damn delicious!

I also had the Adaptogenic Latte, which uses medicinal mushrooms for their amazing de-stressing properties, with added cinnamon.

What we ate

Anything seasonal, plant-based, gut friendly and full of healthy fats will always be a winner for me – so Yeotown was a winner! Plus, as they don’t use refined sugar or gluten, you know you’re in safe hands.

For the main event, it had to be the Courage Bowl – a delicious mix of quinoa, chickpeas, sprouts, avocado, perfectly seasoned sweet potatoes, sea veg, cherry tomatoes and the most amazing pink kimchi.

It came with a cute pot of tahini dressing, which made for the perfect accompaniment for the salad.

The Benevolence Bowl was a delicious all day breakfast concoction of  organic local eggs, greens, bean and grain of the day, pickles, avo, super seed crumble, sprouts and microgreens served with Zaatar tahini.

The bill

 Benevolence Bowl £11.95
Courage Bowl £11.95
Adaptogenic Latte £4.50
Juice £4.95

The little things

Many little personal touches are dotted around the café truly making the experience very special. Potted plants, hanging yellow pineapples, colourful graphics on the table surfaces and, of course, the meditation pods. There was also wifi and plenty of sockets, enabling yo to create a remote office space if you’re a laptop lover.

 What made us glow?

Just how healthy the food was! As a super health conscious eater, I like to know exactly what is in my food, and Yeotown’s menu really put me at ease. There were options to swap out, add in and to takeaway ingredients entirely if you wished, and the selection of smoothies and juices were all delicious as well as each targeting a different health concern.

Souls, Copenhagen

Souls is an absolute must visit café when in Copenhagen.

Tucked in a quiet corner of Østerbro called Nordhavn, it’s perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Founded by two Aussies and Denmark’s best vegan Chef, Neel Engholm, their focus is on quality, soul food, sourced locally for people that are mindful of not only what they put in their body but how the food reaches their plate. Their motto is “Eat like you give a fork”.

The setting

Souls is bright and light with white walls, designer lighting, contemporary wooden tables.

The little things

Their menu is is exciting and extensive and we could have very easily stayed longer to take advantage of the menu.

It’s healthy, delicious food without being intimidating to less health-conscious people.

The green juice test

There were no green juices on the menu but they do a Green Machine smoothie (spinach, kale, apple, lemon, agave & rice milk), cold pressed apple or orange juice and ginger shots.

What we ate

We visited at breakfast. We shared the delicious Pancake Stack with seasonal fruit, maple syrup, homemade chocolate sauce and peanut butter and the Avo Smash on rye bread with cress, radish, thyme, pickled onion and cherry tomatoes.

For drinks we had a Coconut Iced Latte (which was the most beautifully presented coffee I’ve ever seen) and a huge Matcha latte with Oat milk – it was almost as big as my head!

The Bill

Pancake Stack with Peanut Butter 93DKK
Avo Smash 88DK
Coconut Iced Latte 46DKK
Matcha Latte 46DKK

What else?

The staff were all extremely helpful with both the menu and also telling us things to do whilst visiting Copenhagen.

If I had more time,  I would definitely have gone back for dinner- the menu looks absolutely delicious!

What made you glow?

The matcha latte felt like a meal in itself -comparable to a bowl of soup! It was absolutely delicious and everything was so beautifully presented (which always goes down well in my books).


Deliciously Ella, Mayfair

Deliciously Ella is such an Instagram hit that founder Ella Mills has some fans thinking her first name  is ‘Delicious’.

Blogger turned businesswoman Ella offers a wide menu of plant-powered goodness and products available online, in shops and at her deli-style café in London. We visited Weighouse Street,  a calm, stylish, welcoming refuge from nearby frantic Oxford St.

The staff are friendly and helpful. The rainbow-coloured food sits on an open-top counter.

Shoppers and local business people pop in and out.

The setting

Delicioulsy Ella occupies a quiet corner on Weighhouse St, one block behind Oxford Street and Selfridges. There’s a food counter and a communal table upstairs plus a large setting area with banquettes and smaller tables downstairs. It’s warm and welcoming.

Wood dominates the decor and there’s fresh flowers or cactus plants on the tables.

Upstairs, a dramatic bronze light sculpture overhangs the table, a stylish mirror reflects the office workers rushing past and the walls are filled with shelves lined with grains, plants and flowers.

The little things

The large wooden kitchen-style table is a good place to relax or work. The food and drink is all available as take-away. We love the wide range of cold-pressed juices on offer.

The green juice test

There’s a choice of two green juices, in two sizes. Greens is a mix of apple, cucumber, celery, spinach and lemon and Deep Greens is a combo of cucumber, celery, spinach, fennel and lemon. We had Greens and it was refreshing and not too sweet.

What we ate

We visited on a winter weekday morning and couldn’t decide between the two porridges on offer-  peanut butter, banana and maple syrup and apple and berry compote, coconut yoghurt and coconut chips. We ended up with both – made with oat mylk and  delicious and filling.

It was some of the creamiest-tasting porridge we have tried.

Next there was a good range of salads to choose from and an autumnal, carrot and yellow split pea soup. All the dishes were served in beautiful ceramic bowls.

Finally, we had an exquisite turmeric latte.

Ella’s hot dish menu changes during the day. Breakfast finishes at 11am.


There’s a good range of healthy cakes and snacks throughout the day.

The bill

Porridge with banana and peanut butter £4.50
Porridge with seasonal compote £4.95
Carrot and yellow split pea soup £4.50
Green Juice £6.95 (500ml) £4.75 (330ml)
Turmeric Latte £3.50

What else?

Ella also hosts occasional events. We recently went to a supper event at Weighouse.

We had a fantastic evening meeting Ella and a group of really interesting people aswell as a enjoying three course meal.

We also left with an impressive goodie bag! You can find out more about these on Deliciously Ella’s website.

What made us glow?

The ethos behind the brand, the food and Ella’s attention to detail.

To read our exclusive interview with Ella click here.

Selfridges: Sisterly love at Hemsley and Hemsley

The motto of Hemsley + Hemsley is ‘good food, good mood, good digestion, good health’. Sisters Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley are amongst leading pioneers of the healthy food scene in London.

As well as their cook books and TV series they now have a restaurant in central London within Selfridges to showcase their motto.

Their philosophy is that we can all eat to feel better by bringing food back to basics – using natural fats, a huge array of seasonal fruit and veg, nuts, pseudo-cereals and pulses. All the recipes are free from gluten, grains and refined sugars…and delicious.

The setting

The restaurant is on the third floor of Selfridges. The colours  are warm wood and a calm green with lots of plants. It looks modern, inviting and light. You can sit at the counter, a large communal table or separate tables. When we visited it was busy with shoppers  and tourists.

Photo credit: Selfridges

The green juice test

The green juice test, or as I sometimes think of it, the green juice challenge, was not very challenging at H+H. They offer two freshly made options, a ‘hardcore’ green one with only veggies and a milder version with apple juice. Being a huge juice softy, I went for the latter and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The juice was a bit sweet with a punchy note of celery. There was even a hint of fennel which was very nice.

What we ate

There is a huge menu to choose from, ranging from starters to hearty salads to soup so it was not an easy decision. We went for a combination of starters, soup and a main to try a broad range.

I went for the Moroccan spiced lentil soup which was seasoned perfectly and came with toasted quinoa bread to dip. What a treat!

My friend went for the easier, but equally delicious, option of salads. You can have up to three salads of your choice with any main and the choice is great.

All in all, one of my favourite places. The food is lovely, staff are friendly and the philosophy of Melissa and Jasmine really shines through. If you find yourself in central London, this is a great option at any time of the day.

What else

Although I would call this place a restaurant rather than a café, there is no reservation policy. However, we had no problem getting a seat.

The menus change with the seasons, so a bit heartier in Autumn and Winter and lighter in the summer. The prices might seem a bit steep but the portions are huge.

The bill

Spiced red lentil soup £7.50
Kimchi £2.00
Green juice (medium) £7.50
Main salads £15
Chilled pep-up tea £4.00


Photo credit: Selfridges

What made us glow

The culinary concept with sustainable, homemade, nutrient dense food which is colourful, tasty and makes you glow from the inside out.


Fulham: Hally’s or Little H?

Two cafes, two menus, two vibes. Hally’s and Little H sit across the road from each other in Parson’s Green.

They share the same owner and the same Californian farm-to-table philosophy. But both offer different experiences and menus. Hally’s is the larger. It’s a café offering organic, ethical produce.

It has an extensive menu and it’s a place to linger with a relaxed vibe.

Little H equally offers fresh well-sourced ingredients, but has a more contemporary feel. It’s more of a deli with a few tables and an extensive juice and smoothie menu.

The space

Hally’s has reclaimed wood floors, a main area and back seating area  complete with pastel-dipped chairs and white clapper-boards.

Little H is more edgy with a neon sign and a feature wall. It has a few small tables and a counter area.

Little H felt friendlier and more personal. Hally’s was packed with locals and families, whereas Little H had more single visitors and customers on laptops. Both are in a great position for shopping on the New King’s Road.

The little things

Both are dog friendly and the owners’ Irish Terrier Arthur is a regular feature by the bar in Hally’s. It also ticks the environmental box in not automatically putting plastic straws in drinks.

The fresh juice test

Both offer juice – with Little H having a much more extensive menu. We tried the Green Dream from the choice of three juices at Hally’s. It was a mix of cucumber, pear, spinach, apple and lime. The addition of pear and lime made it very refreshing.

Little H nails this test in terms of choice and features eight smoothies and seven juices, plus you can create your own juice.

We loved the choice of added extra superfoods (including maca, lucuma, goji, spirulina, wheatgrass, matcha, cashews, bee pollen and turmeric). The Fruit Loop smoothie was  a deliciously light mix of apple, banana, pineapple, strawberry and ginger with added goji berries.

The bill


Goodness Bowl £12.50
Green Juice £4.30

Little H

Chia Seed and Almond Milk Pot £3.75
Fruit Loop smoothie £3.80 (plus added goji berries £.60)
Polenta slice £2.80

What we ate

At Hally’s we ordered the ‘Goodness Bowl of The Day’- a delicious combo of sweet potato, pearl barley, sun dried tomato, baby spinach, sprouting broccoli and feta cheese.

At Little H we chose the GF chai seed and almond milk pot with blueberries, toasted almonds, cacao nibs and coconut yoghurt. A filling combination and not too sweet. Finally, we had the GF lemon polenta slice which was deliciously moist and zingy.

What else?

It’s hard to call, but overall we preferred Little H as it was less busy and therefore the service was quicker.

However, we would certainly return to both.

What made us glow

The huge smoothie and juice choice at Little H and the Fruit Loop smoothie with goji berries.

Chelsea: Wulf and Lamb

If you love the idea of comfort food with a conscience, Wulf and Lamb provides it by the bucketful!

Offering “just veg, with edge”, the 100% plant based menu more than satisfied our comfort food cravings – from burgers to burritos, from Mac ‘N’ Cheese to Chili “Non” Carne. Wulf and Lamb use organic and ethically sourced produce wherever possible, plus optional cheese for vegetarians.

This eat in and take away café with a twist wowed us.

Their nutritious “junk food” hit the spot and the plant based desserts are to die for!

The setting

Tucked away on a quiet mews behind Sloane Square, the café has a take away counter downstairs with bar and table seating. Upstairs the main dining area is quieter and larger with a loft-like feel.

The decor is a calming grey green with red accents.

There are a few outside tables on Pavilion Rd and on the small balcony upstairs. The vibe is modern with marble and wood tables, fresh roses and playful table mats. Wulf and Lamb is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (7.30-10pm) and serves wine. The staff are friendly and helpful.

At lunchtime, the café was busy with locals and shoppers from the nearby King’s Road.

The little things

The portions are large and exceptionally filling. Luckily, the staff happily provide take out boxes if, like us, you struggle to finish.

The fresh juice test

Wolf and Lamb sell their own range of smoothies and juices in handy take-away bottles. Their green smoothie contains 30% green matcha tea. A perfect blend with pineapple, avocado and agave.

It’s a light smoothie, so it won’t put you off your food. We also tried the exotic mix of clementine, turmeric, carrot and ginger – another winner!

What we ate

We had the signature Wulf burger. A seitan burger stacked with flavour. It’s layered with tomato, baby gem, pickle, red onion and cashew aioli. And all packed in a chunky brioche bun.

It was huge, fab and filling.

It came with mustard sauerkraut and a large portion of roast veg wedges with rosemary and thyme. We added the optional cheese topping.

The dairy free mango and passion-fruit cheesecake was irresistible. Prettily plated with a raspberry coulis, mint and dried raspberry flakes. It was smooth perfection on a crunchy pistachio base. Other comfort food favourites of Tiramisu (with raw almond cream) and Chocolate Pudding (with chia and caramel cashew cream) also feature on the menu – what’s not to like?

The bill

The Wulf Burger £14.95
Smoothies and juices £5.95
Mango and Passionfruit Cheesecake £7.95

What else?

The staff are happy to prepare allergy free versions of the food.

Free wifi is available.

What made us glow?

The concept won us over. The idea of vegan food you’ll crave and return for. And we will!

Chelsea: The Locals

We love a café off the beaten track. We’ve found a foodie secret loved and treasured by locals: The Locals café

The Locals is tucked away in a luxury flat complex surrounding the Grosvenor Canal. It’s not far from Sloane Square and the Tate Britain.

The Locals offers all day nutritious breakfasts, plus lunches and dinner.

The bar serves artisan coffees and lattes. It’s stacked full of gorgeous gluten free and vegan pastry options. It’s open from 7am to 10pm and also serves craft and organic beers and wine.

The setting

Think whitewashed bricks, metro tiles, open shelves of plants and stylish lighting. The stripped wooden floors and tables create warmth.

There’s a choice of wooden chairs or banquettes to sink into.

The two glass window walls add light and overlook the gardens and sculpture in the peaceful square outside. The service is quick and helpful.

At midday, the café was packed with locals. Although busy, there was still plenty of room to sit down. In the early afternoon it filled out with customers with laptops, studying, working and browsing.

The green juice test

There’s a great selection of green juices. Green Life mixes cucumber, celery, baby spinach, broccoli, lettuce and lime. Flat Belly is packed with celery, apple, lime and cayenne pepper.

But we were drawn to Green Glow.

A savoury, sweet mix of cucumber, apple, baby spinach, lemon and parsley. Juices come in a cute milk bottle.

The little things

The tap water came in a glass decanter with a fresh mint sprig. The rock salt was pink Himalayan. The fact that dogs are welcome.

What we ate

They serve vegan, vegetarian and meat options. There’s a delicious all-day breakfast menu which include avocado on toast, gluten free buckwheat pancakes and organic oat porridge.

We tried their lunch option of burrata on sourdough with a roasted Sicilian vegetable caponata, pesto drizzle and toasted pine nuts. The Detox Salad was large and prettily presented with strawberries, blueberries, spinach, broccoli sprouts, pea shoots, white chicory and seasonal leaves.

The sweet orange and basil vinaigrette came in its own ceramic pot.

To finish off – we chose a rose cappuccino which tasted as perfect as it looks.

What else

The Locals also has a take-away menu. Free wifi is available and there’s a pair of plug sockets at most tables.

The bill

Burrata Cheese £11.00
Detox Salad £10.00
Juices £4.50-£6.50
Rose Cappuccino £4.00

What made us glow?

We loved the vibe.

The relaxing atmosphere is homely and it’s a place we will return to again and again.

Chelsea: Raw Press

Breakfast review at Raw Press, London

Tucked away on Ellis Street, which is a five-minute walk from Sloane Square, we discovered healthy cafe and juice bar, Raw Press.

The founders say “over the past few years, cold-pressed juicing has exploded in popularity in the US, where juice bars look to be on track to become as popular as coffee chains.

This trend is here to stay and we boast two of the first stand-alone stores in London.

Swap your soft drinks for some cold-pressed kale, embrace your brassicas and discover that being healthy doesn’t have to be hard!”

Breakfast review at Raw Press, London

Breakfast review at Raw Press, London

Boxes of Monopoly and draughts are on the shelves crying out to be played in this healthy cafe and it is so tranquil that we were tempted to pull them out and get going.

The setting

First impressions are that Raw Press feels like a secret gem of a Glowcation hidden away from the rest of the world. We walked into a super calm and relaxed environment.

The little things

The decor is cool and fresh – tables lined in bright yellow, wheatgrass running along the walls and yellow toasters sitting on the tables waiting to be used, we are told, by customers at lunchtime who fancy some toast and nut butter.

The green juice test

Raw Press is all about the juice and we had not one but three green juices to choose from:

/ Super Green – cucumber, celery, coconut water, spinach, Swiss chard, lemon, ginger and mint

/ Green – cucumber, celery, apple, spinach, kale, ginger and lemon

/ Sweet Green – pineapple, apple, kale, Swiss chard, lemon, ginger and mint

We tried the Green and loved it – by far one of the best green juices in London.

What we ate

We loved the help-yourself-buffet breakfast bowls. We had fun filling beautiful bright china bowls with overnight Bircher muesli made with green juice, matcha, dates and oats.

Don’t let the green colour put you off. It is delicious!

We added chia seed pudding made with almond milk, coconut yoghurt, blueberries and strawberries. And we got creative with the jars of bee pollens, nuts and seeds that we could sprinkle over the top.

Breakfast review at Raw Press, London

We were told that lunch is a selection of superfood salads prepared on site by the resident chef. These include courgette, roots and slaws, grains, greens, beans and kale as well as hot bowls of cauliflower cheese and courgette lasagne.

Breakfast review at Raw Press, London
Breakfast review at Raw Press, London

What else?

The staff were super friendly and some of the best we have come across on our search for London Glowcations.

They are passionate about the business and they are knowledgeable about the juices.

There is activated charcoal in the water on the tables and free WiFi with the motivational password “healthynothard”! The music is chilled out and current.

This healthy cafe also runs a delivery service with Quiqup.

The Bill

We paid £7.80 for our delicious breakfast bowl and £6.50 for a small juice (375ml).

What made us glow?

The whole place made us smile and glow- the bright colours, the toasters, the creative ‘make your own’ breakfast bowls.

The atmosphere is friendly and the format original.

Oh, and did we mention we sneaked one of their home-made Bounty-style bars in as we left?!

Breakfast review at Raw Press, London

Chelsea: Juicebaby

juice bar review of london based juicebaby

Juicebaby is an ‘on the go’ juice bar in an area called World’s End at the end of the Kings Road.

They say “we source the absolute best produce, cold-press our juices on a daily basis and maintain the highest standards possible.

We never pasteurise, water down or add sugar to our juices. We avoid the use of dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, chemical additives or preservatives of any kind. We avoid cartons and cans.” They sell juices, acai bowls, homemade soup and takeaway salads.

Juice bar review of london based juicebaby
Juice bar review of london based juicebaby

The setting

Juicebaby is at the end of the Kings Road in Chelsea. It’s a busy drop-in cafe with a small amount of seating so be prepared to wait for a seat at busy times. It’s a self-service Pret-a-Manger vibe which is perfect if you need to grab and go. There were also people sitting working on their laptops.

The little things

We like the take-out small bottled salad dressings – turmeric mustard, macadamia balsamic, miso sesame, sunflower cheese, aioli, Caesar and Thai peanut.

The walls are covered with power statements and the music is upbeat.

We found it difficult to find the WC so some signposts would be appreciated.

The green juice test

We tried the Mean Green which was £6.95 for 500ml. It was bright green, cold-pressed and contained cucumber, seasonal leafy green, celery, ginger, lime and parsley. We were not offered a glass or a straw. It was very watery.

What we ate

We came for a late lunch. We asked to try the soup and bean stew before buying as we couldn’t decide which to go for and we were offered tasters happily. We chose the pea and mint soup which was homemade and super delicious. It tasted fresh and well seasoned and came with plain gluten-free toast with no butter.

The bowl was a cardboard take-out kind of thing so don’t expect china.

We also tried the kale crisps – simply the best we have ever tasted and worth a trip to Juicebaby for these alone. They contain curly kale, cashews, red pepper, sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, salt and lemon juice and come in a cool zip-lock bag.

At £4.95 they are not a cheap snack but they are a super tasty treat and great to pack when you travel.

What else?

We noticed lots of people dashing in with sports gear on post-workout. Others were working away at their laptops although we struggled to get on the house WiFi. It’s a conflicting environment – relaxed but busy.

Juice bar review of london based juicebaby

We also chose an acai bowl (acai, banana, dates and almond butter) which came in a plastic bowl with a plastic spoon. It looked beautiful with vanilla granola and coconut chips but was too sweet and heavy.

The Bill

£26.10 for soup, kale chips, green juice and an acai bowl so Juicebaby isn’t a cheap option.

Juice bar review of london based juicebaby

What made us glow?

The cheezy kale chips were a huge hit and think they are the best we have found in London.

It’s a great Glowcation if you are on the run or you are working or playing in World’s End.

We like the take-out salad bowls – the power, taco, yam yam and the market Caesar salad and the mix and match salad dressings.