Winter, Melbourne

Julien Moussi is a pioneering restauranteur breaking all the boundaries of healthy eating cafés. He has an established and highly impressive track record for going above and beyond when it comes to creating cool cafés. His new Melbourne opening, Winter is no exception. It’s currently the most talked about café in Melbourne. Here’s why…

The space

With white decor, light wood tables and chairs, clean interiors and bright natural light, you can’t fault it the decor at Winter. There’s a large seating area inside and a small terrace outside on the pavement.

The little things that make a difference

The food presentation has to be seen to be believed. Winter’s food styling and plating is an absolute work of art.

It’s almost cruel to eat it when it looks that good!


The fresh juice test

They may not have a green juice on offer, but they do have a green matcha latte which is just as good. They use the Matcha Maiden latte blend and it’s absolutely delicious. Mixed with almond milk, it’s a match made in heaven. I also got to try their mango smoothie which was like having sunshine in a cup. The mango and coconut milk reminded me of an Indian mango Lassi, only much thicker and more delicious

What we ate

For my review, I started off with their new super greens salad.

I love a hearty greens bowl so this ticked all the boxes for me.

It included broccolini, kale, grilled asparagus, sugar snap peas, beetroot hummus, a poached egg and a side of avocado. All topped with herbs and spices to give it a boost in flavour.

I had to try their Nutella crumpets. Crumpets  are an old school favourite of mine and they did not disappoint. With caramelised banana, fresh berries, crushed roasted hazelnuts, raspberry puree and honeycomb… need I say more? Although they may have been cold by the time I had taken my photos and taken my first bite, they were still divine.

What we’d go back for…

The food obviously, plus the staff were so attentive, warm and friendly.

The bill

Nutella crumpets  $18
Super greens salad  $19
Mango smoothie  $10.5
Matcha latte  $6




Our favourite Glowcations, Melbourne

Melbourne is the foodie capital of Australia with cafés competing to create Instagram-hitting, rainbow-coloured,  memory-making menus. It’s also one of our favourite cities in the world to visit for plant-based cafés. Here’s our top three vegan and vegetarian cafés in Melbourne:

Bentwood, Fitzroy

Julien Moussi is the undisputed king of the Melbourne café scene. With thirteen successful launches under his belt, he champions innovative, plant-based food. Our Glowstar, Jess Moses,  lives in Melbourne and she rates Bentwood as the best of his uber impressive portfolio.  Located in the former Thonet furniture showroom, where the iconic Bentwood wooden café chairs were made, Bentwood serves the most innovative, grammable  food in Melbourne.

Their famous hotcakes served with raspberry curd, berries, meringue and mascarpone are a taste sensation to remember.

Our tip, don’t miss their signature chia pudding.  It’s a butterfly pea chia pudding, served with creamy coconut yoghurt, mango jerky, fresh berries and the most incredible buckwheat clusters. You won’t be disappointed.

Treehouse Lounge, St Kilda’s

Treehouse Lounge was already a go-to spot for most locals in St Kilda. But, with a recent renovation, and new management, it’s looking better than ever.

There are so many delicious plant-based friendly options on the menu, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

From pulled jackfruit tacos to a vegan chilli tofu scramble. Glowstar Jess loves the Not Just Avocado. “It goes far beyond any avo smash I’ve ever had’, she says. Imagine thick smashed avocado on multi-grain sourdough bread, with rainbow beetroot slices, roasted heirloom carrots, fresh lime, toasted seeds, ricotta mousse and a poached egg. Also worth ordering is their Roasted Cauliflower and Kale Salad.  It’s packed with kale, roasted cauliflower, pumpkin hummus, toasted seeds, fresh pomegranate, two poached eggs and dukkah.

For dessert, they’re also the first café in Melbourne to stock the Thai born smoothie bowl brand, NanaBowls on the menu. Jess is biased as she co- created the company, but they’re delicious!

MOB, Camberwell

This café is another brainchild  of Julien Moussi. MOB is set in the heart of Camberwell, one of the best foodie locations in Melbourne. It’s hidden away in a prime position in the car park behind Burke’s Row near the famous Sunday market. Walls are white tiled, there are ceramic floors, vintage lights and wooden high stools.

Our Glowstar Jess genuinely couldn’t decide what to get, as the menu is just too good!  For breakfast she suggests their granola bowl with a base of their homemade granola, topped with fresh yogurt, açai, fresh banana slices, kiwi, strawberries, crunchy nuts and runny peanut butter.

As a lunch option try their Nourish Salad with the most delicious grilled halloumi.

Even Jess’ meat obsessed boyfriend loves it!  Last but not least, visit for their food art. They’ve mastered it – and more – at MOB.


Stanley, Melbourne

Julien Moussi is the undisputed creative king of the Melbourne brunch café scene. With Stanley,  he’s launched another winning eatery located in a former milk bar on a corner of a residential street in Mount Waverley. Stanley is now the talk of the town.

The presentation is always on point with these guys! They know how to break the boundaries and take food art to a whole new level. It’s worth a visit just for the pics… but who are we kidding? You’ll want a taste it too. 

The space

With a classic, white and grey finish, this cafe has an understated design allowing the amazing menu do all the talking. There’s lots of indoor seating – room for 60 – and the linear space has calming pale wood furniture and plants.

They also have an outdoor courtyard, which is heated all day long and designed to work in all seasons.

The little things that make a difference

The super friendly staff who greet you with a huge smile as soon as you walk in! Coffee comes from Moussi’s Inglewood Coffee Roasters, and those passing by with the dog can order from the takeaway coffee window.

The fresh juice test

Stanley has no green juice, but offers three smoothies, coconut water, plus orange, mango or apple juice. I chose instead a deliciously, creamy turmeric coconut latte.

What we ate

The menu features colourful favourites from Moussi’s other cafes, such as granola and acai bowls, and avo on toast, but new to the mix are chocolate waffles oozing with nutella, and a crunchy golden schnitzel with slaw heaped on top.

Can I jump straight to dessert? I’m still dreaming about those ‘Nutella Hong Kong Waffles.’

Warm, fluffy and oozing with runny Nutella on the inside… what a dream! All served with vanilla mascarpone, banana brulée, berry purée and crushed pistachios.

Don’t worry, there is healthy food too! Their smashed avo toast wasn’t just any smashed avo toast. They used the most delicious thick toasted multigrain bread, a huge serving of smashed avo (which always makes me happy), a crispy potato rosti, sesame, chilli, feta and the most perfectly poached egg on top.

Once that egg was cracked open, it was just bliss from there on.

We also tried their Breakfast Bowl which was a mix of smoked yoghurt, quinoa, kale, avocado, halloumi, tomato and poached egg…the perfect option for anyone who loves a good savoury brekkie.

What we’d go back for…

Their turmeric coconut latte (drank too quickly to photograph)… but seriously makes you feel golden on the inside.

The bill

Nutella waffles  $20
Smashed avo Toast  $16
Breakfast bowl  $18.50
Turmeric coconut latte  $6





Bentwood Melbourne

Bentwood is a Fitzroy gem and can be found in a seriously cool disused chair showroom.

Julien Moussi is the king of Melbourne brunch cafés. He’s created another must visit eatery located in a former Thonet furniture showroom. It was here that the iconic Bentwood wooden café chairs were made. The café is packed with the chairs and it also serves the most innovative, Instagram worthy food…


The setting

Bentwood is set in the heart of Fitzroy, the most hipster part of Melbourne.

The design team has chosen the whole exposed brick, metal ceiling and rustic interior vibes. They’ve got a huge open space, tons of natural light, tall ceilings, and an outdoor seating area too.

For all the food bloggers out there… those brick walls were an a absolute dream photo backdrop!

The little things

The food presentation was so on point. They had thought of every little detail. Bright colours, stylish serving plates,amazing textures and edible flowers!

What else

The staff were an absolute dream team. They’re all super friendly, quirky and wear the trendiest brown leather aprons. You’d want to go back just to hang with them!

The green juice test

Their green smoothie definitely got my seal of approval.

It’s a blend of kale, peaches, ginger, mango, honey and coconut water. It’s the perfect balance of sweetness, earthiness and zing all in one!

What we ate

First thing to mention is their signature chia pudding. This isn’t just any old chia pudding.

It’s a butterfly pea chia pudding, served with creamy coconut yoghurt, mango jerky, fresh berries and the most incredible buckwheat clusters… they were seriously delicious!

I also had to try their famous hotcakes (and obviously needed to get a snap of them too!) They were served with raspberry curd, berries, meringue and mascarpone. All I can say is… taste sensation!

To balance all those delicious sweet goods, I ordered their ‘Bikini Salad’ which was packed with kale, quinoa, cabbage, beans, beetroot hummus, halloumi and a poached egg – all dressed in a spiced dressing. Something that sounds so simple ended up tasting so yum.

The bill

Green smoothie   $9.90
Mango smoothie   $9.90
Hotcakes   $19.00
Butterfly Pea Chia Pudding   $17.50
Bikini Salad   $18.50

What made us glow

Honestly, I’m still dreaming about those buckwheat clusters!