Kombucha on tap at London cafés

Where can you find the best kombucha in London? The 2000 year old fermented tea drink is packed with probiotics and said to support gut health. And you know kombucha’s gone mainstream when Pret-a-Manger bring out their own version. Cafés are now busy brewing their own craft versions where you can get it on tap. Here’s our top three Glowcations in London for a home brewed fermented fix.

Plant Hub, Hackney

The ever innovative David Bez now runs the Plant Hub and Academy with  chefs Lauren Lovatt and Antonio Alderuccio. Not only is it a community hub and café for all things plant-based, it’s now east London’s hotspot for the beverage.

Plant Hub offers four delicious flavours on ice – lavender, blood orange, thyme and turmeric.

In addition, there’s a tempting selection of kombucha based mocktails. This includes the Kombuchito (thyme kombucha, coconut sugar, mint, lemon and ice) and the Floral (lavender kombucha, grapefruit and ice). We can’t resist.

To read more about Plant Hub click here.

High Mood Food, Marylebone and Spitalfields

High Mood Food is the first grab-and-go café in London to focus on gut health.

Their salads, bread, drinks and deserts are all made from natural, fermented, living food.

So, it’s not surprising that amongst their array of live fermented foods, kombucha takes centre stage. High Mood Food stocks several craft varieties: Momo, Wild Fizz, Fix 8 and Boo Chi. Interestingly, they also have several home-brewed kombucha products on sale. This includes a kombucha vinegar and the newly launched raspberry kombucha sorbet.

To read more about High Mood Food click here.

Caravan, Bankside

Caravan Bankside is the third branch of Caravan and is the one to visit for a house-made immune boosting ferment.

Bankside brew their own immune boosting kombucha and shrubs as part of their Ferments and Sodas menu.

The pro-biotic soda range of ginger and galangal soda, beetroot and clementine shrub, lacto rhubarb and vanilla soda and coconut and lime water kefir makes decision making tricky.


To read more about Caravan, Bankside click here.



Plant Hub, Hackney

It’s been a long journey for Plant Hub’s creator, David Bez, to find a fixed London home for his innovative, plant-based cooking. But finally and thankfully his journey has a happy ending with the creation of Plant Hub, Hackney.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting David’s previous ventures in Chatsworth Road (Pride Kitchen) and his pop up in Broadway Market’s Tiosk, but this new plant-based café is more ambitious. I was very excited to review it, as Bez has  joined forces with chef Lauren Lovatt and co-founder and head chef Antonio Alderuccio (AKA The Rainbow Chef) .  Their new venue not only boasts a widely vegan (and scrumptious) menu, but it also has a brand new plant based culinary academy right within its walls. Their aim is “to inspire a passion for plants, through building a community where we can all learn from the most inspiring chefs and foodies … to make and enjoy more plant based food.” And I think they’re absolutely on their way!

The setting

Plant Hub is on über trendy Mare St. It’s just round the corner from beautiful London Fields and a short walk from Hackney Central.

The space

Stepping off busy Mare Street, you are welcomed in by a display of fresh produce and homemade cakes and desserts.  It shouts ‘come in!’ Although narrow, the back of the café has about 8 tables and warm, stripped walls creating a really welcoming environment.  The lighting is industrial, there are metal chairs and wooden floors.

The seating area  overlooks the Plant Hub academy kitchen so you’re really in on the action.

The fresh juice test

The menu features an irresistible mix of elaborate mocktails, super lattes and smoothies. I had a fresh turmeric latte  which was the nicest I’ve ever had in London and a CBD & chamomile latte. I was so keen to try this and it was incredible.

What we ate

With very hungry tummies, we shared the Protein Bowl, which is a combo of a chickpea omelette, black peas, coriander butter beans, hummus, fermented oat cheez, kale, toasted seeds, dressed with a tahini and cheezy mustard sauce.

We also had the Melanzane Parmigiana (I genuinely wouldn’t have known it was vegan) and the filled Gluten Free Focaccia.

The Focaccia was stuffed with beetroot hummus, sun dried tomatoes and  rocket. We were tempted to try everything, so we followed this with the heavenly bread and butter pudding and a chocolate and pear tart with coconut cream and date syrup.

What else?

Plant Hub runs a wealth of workshops and cooking classes every week. You can learn skills from how to make decadent plant-based desserts, how to ferment foods and even how to batch cook. There are also plenty of guest chefs and cooks taking classes, so do keep your eyes peeled for something that takes your fancy.

And if the café and academy wasn’t enough, Plant Hub also sells local produce in in the Deli, so you can come and do your weekly shop.

Products include British quinoa, lentils and beans, flours, mylks and keep cups.

What we’d go back for…

The food was incredible and I will definitely be back in no time at all to enjoy more of the menu. But probably the thing that made me glow, most literally, were the lattes to end the meal.

They were the best lattes I’ve had in London and the CBD was an added treat.

There’s just something really special about this place. It feels as though now that there is finally a stable home for David and Lauren’s passions, ideas and genius minds, Plant Hub will continue to grow into something really wonderful; making plant-based food accessible, easy and even more delicious for us all!

The bill

Melanzane parmigiana  £8.00
Filled focaccia  £6.00
Protein bowl  £9.00
Super lattes  £4.00