Wild and The Moon, Marais, Paris

Wild and The Moon believe “food should be good for you and good for the planet”. Emmanuelle Sawko opened the café in Rue Charlot in 2016 to promote this ethos and bring the concept of fast food as slow food to Paris.

A healthy grab and go concept in the Marais? We had to try it for you.

The setting

When you walk in plants are everywhere – in the window, on the wall and in the back of the restaurant. At the front, there are 3 fridges showcasing the juices, salads, snacks and some desserts to take away.

If you’re eating in, you order from a counter in the middle of the restaurant.

Plus there’s seating if you decide to eat in .I think the best place to sit is the back of the restaurant, as it’s very light with a large glass ceiling. There’s a huge communal table in the middle of this space so you can also work on your laptop.

 The little things

The plants create a wonderful environment.  And they do catering which is good to know if you ever have a party or event in Paris and need some plant-powered goodness.

The fresh juice test

I had a very green juice called the “So Green”. It was a mix of fennel, cucumber, lemon, mint, chard and parsley.

It was not sweet, but because of the fennel it had a really fresh flavour.

What we ate

We chose a green bowl made up of half an avocado with hemp seeds on top, broccoli, lambs lettuce,  cucumber, spinach, hummus, cabbage, pumpkin seeds and a vegan mayonnaise made of miso, which was very tasty!

And we got some very creamy guacamole served with really thin, crunchy raw crackers made of vegetable pulp and sumac.

Next, the Nice Cream.

This was definitely my favourite dish. We got a delicious bowl made of fresh coconut pulp, red fruits, maple syrup, coconut flakes and topped with puffed quinoa and goji berries!

There were still some chunks of coconut and berries which gave it texture. The lemon pie was very simple, but the intense flavour made us crave more! It was very rich, which made it a perfect combination with the grated coconut, dates and the almond butter crust.

What else?

They offer special Detox programs for 1-3-5-7days. Wild and The Moon also sell their homemade goodies, like granola, in little bags.

There’s another branch in Opera, and one in NYC and another in Dubai.

The bill

Green Bowl  11EU
Nice cream  10EU
Lemon Pie  5,50EU
Guac crackers  8,00EU
Juice 25cl  5,50EU

What made us glow

Their food is really pure, and that’s what you really taste. They never use processed ingredients, additives, chemicals, GMO, hormones, gluten, soy, dairy, refined fats or sugars AND never pasteurise. Which really impressed me!