The Bowl’s focus is on food as medicine. They serve delicious, health fuelling bowls, packed with organic products.

The setting

The Bowl is based in Ometosando which is Tokyo’s famous shopping district. You take the subway to the Ometosando station and from there it’s a short five minute walk. The area is quite urban, but with a lot of expensive shops and some cool plant-based cafés.

The space

The Bowl has a modern exterior. The entrance is a mix of iron and cement which really suits their minimalistic logo. Plants hang from the ceiling and the windows are filled with cacti.

We visited on a Sunday around noon and it was surprisingly not too busy. There is an upstairs, but most of the seating is downstairs.

Plants are draped around the light bulbs which tone down the industrial feeling created by metal and wood used throughout..

There’s really good WiFi and you could easily take bring your laptop in to do some work.

What else?

You can bring your dogs. They even have a sticker on the door to welcome them.

What we ate

The Bowl serves healthy, nutritional, gluten free and organic bowls. Most of the food is plant-based, but they also serve bowls with chicken.  They have four kinds of bowls: quinoa veggie bowls, fermented brown rice bowls, detox quinoa soups and smoothie bowls.

We decided to review the ashitaba smoothie bowl, the protein coconut curry and the soy cheese vegan caesar.

All the portions were so much bigger than I’m used to in Japan, which was perfect after a big workout, otherwise we might have struggled to finish it.

The protein coconut curry was lovely and warm, but not too hot, so we could eat it immediately. It contained a huge amount of brown rice with red beans, fermented red cabbage, grated carrots, bean sprouts and a generous amount of avocado. The curry consisted of turmeric, onions, zucchini, bell peppers and soy protein.

The soy cheese vegan caesar salad was a winner. I’m always surprised at how they can make caesar salads vegan. The salad came on a large portion of quinoa with a generous amount of kale on top. Which was good as kale is really expensive in Tokyo. It was topped off with shaved soy cheese and toasted almonds. The “cheese” really tasted like real cheese. It was salty and had a cheesey structure, but the dressing really finished off the salad!

Last but not least, we had the ashitaba smoothie bowl.

The bowl was richly topped with coconut chips, frozen raspberries, granola, frozen mango, pine nuts, pumpkin and chia seeds.

The ashitaba had a really special flavour and the bowl was very nice to end with, it was almost like dessert!

The little things that make the difference

I loved the menu and the fact they had photos of all the dishes, so we knew what to order, since we couldn’t read the contents of the bowls.

The bill

Protein coconut curry 1598¥
Vegan caesar 1490¥
Ashitaba fruits bowl 1598¥

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The Bowl

5 Chome-6-16 Minamiaoyama Minato-ku Tokyo

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