Blue Monday is the third Monday in January so dubbed by psychologist Dr Chris Arnell while advising a travel company on the most depressing day of the year. It was the perfect excuse to book a summer holiday to cheer you up. But most of us don’t need a branding exercise to remind us that January can be a tricky month. Yes it’s cold, grey and the lights and parties of December are behind us but here our Glowstars give their 2019 tips, resolutions and plans to help you make this year your best year yet.

Jess @freshlysnapped

Every year I start off with the best intentions, I always feel so driven and motivated, however these goals start to dwindle as the year goes on. So this year, in 2019, I’m not setting massive goals that feel daunting or overwhelming.

I am going to set tiny little micro missions and take baby steps to get there.

It may be a tiny change every single day, but over time, it could lead to something big. After all, we are what we repeatedly do. Whether it’s applied to work, relationships or fitness, this philosophy can get you anywhere!

Eli @cerealandpeanutbutter

2019 is going to be my best year yet, because I have learnt to be more in tune with my mind and my body than ever before, and I plan to implement this from start to finish of the coming year. This includes eating more mindfully – just because there is a whole spread of desserts on the table, it doesn’t mean you need to try each one.

I will also ask myself  if I really want to do that high intensity fitness bootcamp on a cold dark Monday morning – perhaps I’d benefit more from a slower-paced yoga class instead?

 Fabienne @modelslovefood

I’m starting my 2019 in Tokyo (for my work), which is one of my most favourite cities in the world. I’ve told myself I should enjoy it more than last time when I was there and not be to strict with myself.

I want to do more yoga, meditation and pilates and go more into the Japanese food culture. There’s a reason the Japanese are the oldest folk in the world right?

Jenna @jennahopenutrition

I’m really excited about 2019 as I’ve just launched a new business and I’m planning a wedding so there’s lots going on. At the beginning of 2018, I started writing a daily gratitude diary twice a day which has really revolutionised my mindset. I will definitely carry this on into 2019.

I also plan to continue working out regularly as this helps with my mental wellbeing, positivity and productivity.

I won’t be changing the food I’m eating, as I’m pretty happy at the moment focusing on eating foods which nourish me. Although, I will be trying to focus more on eating mindfully, as I think appreciating our food and eating it slowly is incredibly beneficial for our overall health rather than just munching it down on the go.

Bekah @bitesbybekah

I’m so excited to continue sharing my love for plant-based food on my blog and experimenting with new recipes, discovering new eateries, and connecting with more people in this amazing community. I’m actually starting 2019 in the US, working on my PhD for a few months, which will be quite an adjustment from life in the UK. I have a few trips planned while I’m across the pond and plan to make the most of my time in the States.

I recently signed up for my first half-marathon, taking place in May 2019.

The longest I’ve ever run is 10K, so a half marathon sounds quite daunting. But I cannot wait to take on the challenge!


Amy @nourishing.amy

I don’t believe in #newyearnewme and I am very proud to say that 2019 will be the same old me doing the same sort of thing, but with a renewed sense of purpose. New Year is a great time to set goals, but so is springtime when everything is blooming into life. I will carry through my determination to lead a happy, healthy and nourished life while working on my blog which I hope to see thrive in 2019. I aim to focus on being kinder to myself by taking up journaling again and writing down my daily gratitudes.

I will continue with my yoga practice, as this is my favourite thing that I do for me every single day.


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