TYF, short for Tell Your Friends, is the brainchild of sisters Lucy and Tiff Watson, stars of Made In Chelsea and passionate vegans.

It’s a café with a mission – one to show that there’s more to vegan life than salad!

The space

It’s at the Parson’s Green end of the King’s Road – with a front conservatory you can’t miss. It’s cool with a very boho-chic feel. It has a brick wall on one side, a cosy front entrance, a casual middle section, plus a smarter area at the back of the restaurant. On the side wall, there’s a range of cacti and greenery which gives the restaurant a relaxed plant-focused feel.

We went during the day, but the bar and the neon signs on the wall paint the perfect setting for an evening meal too.

The fresh  juice test

The green juice was a combination of cucumber, celery and apple. Sometimes simplicity is best. It wasn’t trying to be too fancy and had a really refreshing taste.

The little things that make the difference

I loved the square water bottles which were packed with mint. You can tell there’s been a huge focus on attention to detail and all the brands are ethical. The bar is fully stocked with vegan beers and quinoa based spirits. They also offer the range of Seedlip non-alcoholic for the tee-totallers.

The whole menu is vegan and incredibly innovative.

It includes plant based fish and chips, vegan chicken dippers, raw vegan lasagne and plant- based burgers. TYF also caters for the gluten-free diet with a range of options.

What else?

I loved the diversity of the menu. I really want to come back and work my way through it all! Everything looked so delicious!

What we ate

We went for the buddah bowl which was a variety of quinoa, tofu, sprouts, edamame, avocado, sugar snap peas and tofu. It was seasoned with an array of Asian inspired flavours which really packed a punch.

It had a great mix of textures and, from a nutritionist’s point of view, was very balanced for a vegan meal.

We also had the bean burger with cashew cheese which tasted exactly like normal cheese and was packed with flavour. It was also loaded with caramelised onions which went really well the cheese.

Finally, we got the vegan apple pie with coconut and nutmeg ice cream which melted perfectly into the dessert. It was sweet, but not too overpowering and the spices really came through. The dessert was drizzled with a caramel which also delicious.

What we’d go back for…

The apple pie! I loved the fact the apples were in chunks rather than a purée. They still had their crunch which, when combined with the topping and ice cream, was a complete explosion in your mouth. So delicious!

The bill

Bean burger  £12.50
Buddah bowl  £13.00
Green juice  £4.50
Coconut Water  £3.45
Apple crumble  £7.50



175 New King’s Road,

020 7731 6404
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