London, FitzroviaRoots Juicery, cold-pressed goodness in a bottle

By Kate Gardner
21 July '17

Founded by Santa Monica-trained raw food chef Chantal Ward in 2015, Roots Juicery brings a taste of LA to London.

The health hub on Charlotte Street is on a mission to fight against processed foods, and promote raw, plant based goodness.

Their speciality is exactly what it says on the tin – organic, unpasteurised, coldpressed juices, prepared on site daily from 100% organic local produce.

The setting

A stone’s throw from Goodge Street, Roots Juicery is in the heart of Fitzrovia. With a minimalist exterior of dark grey and white, the outdoor tables spill down a narrow but buzzing side street.

The interior is just as minimal with white-washed walls and wooden floor and tables, mostly communal, which give it an almost Scandinavian feel – or perhaps a Californian’s view of Scandinavia.

Most of the food is ready prepared, with just a few things on the menu to be made to order, and is stored with the juices in cabinets along one wall.

It’s light, airy, and spacious, although sadly missing the LA sun!

The little things

They offer a mind-boggling selection of fresh juices – enough to make any health food lover’s heart skip a beat! If you are a serious cold-pressed juice fan, then this is the place for you.

All the juices are cold-pressed on site to maintain the raw state of their fresh produce supplied by the closest local farmers. This guarantees the maximum nutritional benefits. Their tag line is ‘Revitalise, Rejuvenate, Replenish’ so if you are in need of that then this is one of those finds you will have on repeat visit.


The green juice test

Roots actually has several green juices but we opted for what looked like the greenest of them all – juice #4, Lettuce Be Green. Containing celery, leafy greens, green pepper, batavia, lemon, and coriander, this one is for serious, die-hard green juice fans, as it’s earthy to the point of bitter, largely due to the absence of fruit.

There are three different green juices, so pick wisely if you don’t like the bitter taste.

What we ate

We also tried the açai bowl and the vegan wrap. Although the açai bowl was tasty, we missed the beautiful and lavish toppings we had seen online and which we have grown used to around London.

What else?

They deliver juices for a variety of different cleanse options, so you don’t necessarily have to visit the store in person to get your juice fix.

Packages include Detox & Cleanse, Heart Healthy, Skin Glow and Your Best Weight from £65.00

The bill

Green juice
Açai bowl
Vegan wrap

What made us glow?

The commitment to organic and wholesome food really shines through – this is the definition of tasting the rainbow. It’s particularly ideal if you’re looking to grab juice on the go without waiting for it to be pressed, but still want it as fresh as possible.

But it is mainly about the juice – the food options are not as extensive as you might find elsewhere.

Roots Juicery

1 Charlotte Place,
London W1T 1SA

020 7324 7701
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