Tucked away on Ellis Street, which is a five-minute walk from Sloane Square, we discovered healthy cafe and juice bar, Raw Press.

The founders say “over the past few years, cold-pressed juicing has exploded in popularity in the US, where juice bars look to be on track to become as popular as coffee chains.

This trend is here to stay and we boast two of the first stand-alone stores in London.

Swap your soft drinks for some cold-pressed kale, embrace your brassicas and discover that being healthy doesn’t have to be hard!”

Breakfast review at Raw Press, London

Breakfast review at Raw Press, London

Boxes of Monopoly and draughts are on the shelves crying out to be played in this healthy cafe and it is so tranquil that we were tempted to pull them out and get going.

The setting

First impressions are that Raw Press feels like a secret gem of a Glowcation hidden away from the rest of the world. We walked into a super calm and relaxed environment.

The little things

The decor is cool and fresh – tables lined in bright yellow, wheatgrass running along the walls and yellow toasters sitting on the tables waiting to be used, we are told, by customers at lunchtime who fancy some toast and nut butter.

The green juice test

Raw Press is all about the juice and we had not one but three green juices to choose from:

/ Super Green – cucumber, celery, coconut water, spinach, Swiss chard, lemon, ginger and mint

/ Green – cucumber, celery, apple, spinach, kale, ginger and lemon

/ Sweet Green – pineapple, apple, kale, Swiss chard, lemon, ginger and mint

We tried the Green and loved it – by far one of the best green juices in London.

What we ate

We loved the help-yourself-buffet breakfast bowls. We had fun filling beautiful bright china bowls with overnight Bircher muesli made with green juice, matcha, dates and oats.

Don’t let the green colour put you off. It is delicious!

We added chia seed pudding made with almond milk, coconut yoghurt, blueberries and strawberries. And we got creative with the jars of bee pollens, nuts and seeds that we could sprinkle over the top.

Breakfast review at Raw Press, London

We were told that lunch is a selection of superfood salads prepared on site by the resident chef. These include courgette, roots and slaws, grains, greens, beans and kale as well as hot bowls of cauliflower cheese and courgette lasagne.

Breakfast review at Raw Press, London
Breakfast review at Raw Press, London

What else?

The staff were super friendly and some of the best we have come across on our search for London Glowcations.

They are passionate about the business and they are knowledgeable about the juices.

There is activated charcoal in the water on the tables and free WiFi with the motivational password “healthynothard”! The music is chilled out and current.

This healthy cafe also runs a delivery service with Quiqup.

The Bill

We paid £7.80 for our delicious breakfast bowl and £6.50 for a small juice (375ml).

What made us glow?

The whole place made us smile and glow- the bright colours, the toasters, the creative ‘make your own’ breakfast bowls.

The atmosphere is friendly and the format original.

Oh, and did we mention we sneaked one of their home-made Bounty-style bars in as we left?!

Breakfast review at Raw Press, London

Raw Press

3 Ellis St,
London SW1X 9AL

020 7730 4347
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